2021’s Most Value-for-Money 4K Smart TVs to Mount on your Wall

  • December 15, 2021

With 2021 almost over, it’s time to take a look back at the various latest models that have come out on the market this year, and tell you what the best ones have proven to be in terms of value for money. 

If you’re looking for a new, decently large smart TV to mount on your wall and grace your living room without breaking the bank, it’s time to sit up and pay attention, because you’ll definitely find something for yourself in these four options below. After you’ve picked the model you like, we’ll look at the best way to mount and position your new TV for maximum viewing pleasure.

1. PRISM+ Q55-QE Pro

Let’s start local, with the homegrown PRISM+ brand that has carved a niche for itself in the Smart TV market with a good balance of quality, performance and value that made its main reputation in gaming monitors. 

The biggest feature of the Q55-QE Pro is its Android compatibility. As a full-fledged Android TV, it comes with the latest Android and Google features and apps, including the indispensable Google Play Store, as well as Chromecast for screencasting from other devices, Chrome for web browsing, and Voice Assistant. You can enjoy the full functionality of Google’s best features, as well as a stronger integration with Google smart home devices such as the Nest. 

TheQ55-QE Pro also comes with Quantum IPS technology, which keeps picture quality high and vivid from a wider range of viewing angles, meaning you could use a fixed mount where a full-motion mount or tilting mount might have been needed, without sacrificing visibility.

The Q55-QE Pro goes for upwards of $900 in most retail outlets.

2. Samsung AU7000 55” Smart 4K UHD LED TV

Samsung has become the Smart TV brand par excellence in many a TV showroom, and with its high-performance PurColour vivid colour technology, the Samsung AU7000 is the perfect entry-level model to enter the world of Smart TVs with. 

Besides being a great 4K TV in its own right, with HDR viewing also supported, the AU7000 is also remarkably a good gaming TV, with a low latency mode and low input lag. At such a low price point, this makes it a great affordable complement to a gaming console such as the Xbox or the Playstation.

The AU7000 also comes with Samsung Tap View, which allows you to screencast from a Samsung Galaxy smartphone simply by tapping the TV with a phone. 

The AU7000 retails for between $699 and $899, depending on where you search. 

3. Vizio 55” M-Series M55Q7-J01 4K Smart TV

Just released this year, American brand Vizio’s M-series smart TVs bring together 4K quality and resolution together with a rich colour palette of over 1 billion colours courtesy of its Quantum Colour display technology, to provide Singaporean buyers with a superlative TV experience. 

Beyond this, the M series also doubles as an amazing gaming screen, with AMD Freesync to reduce lag times and dedicated game engine for smoother graphics and gameplay at any time, a rarity for most smart TVs at a value-for-money price point.

Add to that great connectivity options for smart home integration, whether to Apple, Google, or Amazon, and you’ve got a great addition to the home. 

As an American model, you’ll need to order the Vizio M55Q7-J01 online from America. It typically retails for over $1000.

Mounting with Specialised TV Brackets

Of course, even the best TVs aren’t going to be enjoyable if they’ve not been mounted right, or if their mounts don’t last. Viewing comfort involves not only mounting the TV somewhere, but also ensuring that it is elegant, in the right position, and that it fits in with the surrounding decor.

To ensure your TV is complemented with the perfect mount or bracket for its purposes, speak to the experts on the subject in Singapore–Tigermount. With years of experience in lightweight, durable, solid and also user-friendly TV brackets, we’ll ensure you not only find the right mount for your needs, but also have it solidly installed by the experts for maximum peace of mind.