3 Advantages to Using a Monitor Mount

  • December 25, 2020

With the advancement of technology these days, more and more people are using laptops at work. They’re lighter, they’re every bit as fast as PCs, and most importantly, they’re portable. Why would anyone use a stationary PC and a clunky monitor? More, even if someone used a monitor, as a second screen or as part of a PC, why would they want to use a custom mount to mount it, when monitors already come with their own stand?

Believe it or not, there are some very good reasons why you should use a monitor, and have it mounted.

1)  Better Posture and Comfort

Using a fixed-height laptop or monitor can cause you to hunch as you work, unless it’s at exactly the right height to fit your needs. This is an unhealthy posture that affects comfort, concentration, and ultimately also your productivity. A monitor mount is adjustable, ensuring that your screen can be at the right height to keep your posture upright and optimal for concentration and productivity.

2)  Prevent Neck and Eye Strain

Using gas-strut monitor mounts like Tigermount’s single-screen mount and dual double mount help prevent neck and eye strain that afflicts so many people in the office these days. Such strain usually happens when your screen is at the wrong distance from your eyes, or at the wrong height relative to your eyes. Using a monitor mount gives you a wide range of movement that allows you to position your monitors exactly for ergonomic comfort.

3)  Sit-Stand Flexibility

The relation of your screen to your body and your eyes changes when you sit or stand, and with more and more people using adjustable sit-stand desks whether they are in the office or at home, the ability of your monitor to switch between a sitting and a standing configuration becomes extra important. The stock fixed mount that your monitor comes with is no longer going to cut it; you need something that can be adjusted to give you the fullest work flexibility.

More Comfort, Better Productivity

With increased comfort comes better productivity at work, and for that increased comfort, it’s not enough to have a good chair at your back–you also need a good screen configuration for optimal ergonomics. No fixed mount is going to that for you–let our monitor mounting experts at Tigermount show you how you can unlock the flexibility you need to do great work today! Get in touch with us and start customising your office space for comfort today!