3 Benefits Of Switching To A Full Motion TV Wall Mount

  • August 8, 2019

TV mounted in a modern minimal living room

The Shakespearean writer, William, famously wrote in one of his plays a line that left many readers gasping in awe. He wrote — “to mount or not to mount, that is the question…”. Alright, he didn’t. For those who are familiar with his works he actually wrote to “to be or not to be”. But had he lived in our times he probably would have pondered that question like many of us.

To Mount Or Not To Mount…

When it comes to installing your new TV that must be one of the first questions that will be swimming in your head. The fact is a modern-day flat-screen TV is designed to be mounted on the wall. Flat-screen TVs have specific TV brackets designed to enable mounting on the wall to give you optimal viewing options. With advanced technology and material, today’s flat-screen TVs are slimmer and lighter than ever before and mounting a TV these days is a lot safer than when first introduced. Do note too that in Singapore, you need not have to worry about the compatibility of your TV with our TV wall mounts, single or double, as TVs designed and manufactured since 2005 (14 years ago) are VESA compliant And just because it is designed to be wall-mounted does not mean you must do so, you can still mount your flat-screen TV on a standing mount as per your circumstances. So let’s take a look at some compelling reasons cum benefits why anyone would want to mount their flat TV screen on their walls.

It Creates Space

Residential Mounted TV The most noticeable and refreshing benefit for mounting your TV screen on the wall is the amount of space it frees up. This will be especially appreciated if you are installing your TV in a smaller hall or bedroom. Mounting on the wall can actually allow you to go for a larger screen than is otherwise feasible. By mounting your flat TV screen to the wall, you regain a sizeable amount of floor space that would otherwise be taken up by a TV stand or media cabinet. This, in turn, gives your viewing area a cleaner, less cluttered atmosphere, and is especially beneficial for people living in small apartments, condominiums, and smaller homes.

Safety Should Not Be A Secondary Consideration

As mentioned earlier, today’s flat-screen TVs are slimmer and lighter than ever before and for these reasons, they are more susceptible to tipping over. So having them placed on a stand unsecured can put your children and pets at risk to injury. Toddlers, these days, who are accustomed to seeing adults playing with smartphones and tablets are an especially big concern. Thinking that a flat TV is a touchscreen a toddler might imitate and reach out to swipe it. The outcome could be costly and painful. And we all know only too well pets are no strangers to ‘bringing the house down’ — let alone a lightweight unsecured TV resting on a piece of furniture. Having your TV mounted on the wall will give you peace of mind by keeping your TV out of arm’s reach of children and pets and eliminating any dangers of it falling over.

Enjoying It

One of the ways to get the most out of your TV is to ensure it is visible from multiple viewing angles. To achieve this, you need a full-motion TV bracket to give you the freedom and flexibility to position your TV any way you want it. With a full-motion mount managing angle, height and position of your Flat TV screen is child’s play. With a complete extension, swivel, swinging and tilt capabilities, a full-motion mount can provide these benefits to make TV viewing a pleasant experience.   By mounting your television with a full-motion Tiger mount, you can avoid eyes and neck strain — you can pull your mount down, tilt, and swivel for the most comfortable viewing angle and position. You can eliminate glare with ease. Now when you install a full-motion TV mount, you can control the level of glare by simply using the full-movement features to adjust the angle of view and handle the situation accordingly. By using modern technology or smart TV functionality, you can creatively turn your mounted TV into an impressive wall display with all sorts of photos or slideshows or artworks — one day a Picasso another day a van Gough. No one can say your place is boring.   Watching TV should be a fun and pleasant affair. Owning a TV should not be a burden. Having a beautiful home is something to be proud of. Isn’t it absolutely mind-boggling that a simple device as a TV wall mount bracket can make that a reality? To learn more about mounting your TV, or installing a tv bracket, contact our professional consultants at 9424 6649, and we look forward to being of service to you!