3 Essential Home Office Must-Haves for Productive Work

  • November 15, 2021

Working at home has forced us to carve out space at home for work. However, depending on the amount of thought that goes into it, and the kind of work style you have, your home office can either supercharge your productivity, or slow you down with cabin fever, discomfort and distractions.

Here are 5 of the most essential items any office worker needs to have in their home office, for comfort and productivity.

1. Ergonomic Chair

If you’re working from home, chances are that like in the office, you’ll be sitting a lot. In that case, the single most important thing you can do for your body is to invest in a good, ergonomic chair that provides you the necessary support for a long day’s work. Pro tip: gaming chairs and racing bucket seat chairs are not good or comfortable office work chairs, no matter how good they look, or how they make you feel about yourself. These are optimised to hold you in place as you lean back in a gaming posture, but not for sitting up to work.

Get a good chair that not only supports your neck but also your back, ideally one with a mesh back that can conform to the contours of your back, and a softer cushion that conforms to your sitting posture.

2. Good Work Desk

The next most important thing you need to have in your home office is of course a good desk. By “good”, what we mean is a desk of sufficient width and depth to accommodate your arms, computer and other notes and documents, while affording a sense of space, and which you can reposition at need if you want a change of environment.

For those who want to stay fit with low-level exercise while working, you can consider an omni-desk, which has an adjustable height so it can turn from a regular desk into a standing desk to keep your circulation going and those calories burning.

3. Desktop Monitor and Mount

When you need to look at a screen for a long, protracted period of time, working purely on your laptop isn’t good enough, because you’ll end up looking downwards at it, essentially giving yourself “smartphone neck” for an entire day. This places a lot of weight on your spine and cervical ligaments and muscles, creating repetitive strain that can also lead to spinal injuries and chronic conditions over time. 

What you need is to use a desktop monitor that’s raised high enough on a desktop monitor mount that you can look upwards and relieve the pressure on your spine, and also strain less as the screen will be bigger, allowing for larger text size or virtual workspace. 

Most monitors come with their own stands, but they usually don’t go up high enough. To give your monitor the versatility to go as high as it needs, and move to where it fits best in your line of sight and workspace, what you need is a custom desktop monitor mount, with an arm capable of three-dimensional motion, to position your monitor exactly where you want it, as far away and as high as you want it. 

Where to Find your Ideal Setup

For a great desk and chair, Singapore is full of smart office furniture retailers with a wide range of ergonomic options. If you’re confident and conversant in Mandarin, you could even venture onto Taobao to find Chinese equivalents, though mileage and quality may vary–considerably. 

However, to find a good desktop monitor mount that’s a perfect balance of cost and capability isn’t so easy. Thankfully, Tigermount has the proven favourite–gas strut desktop monitor mounts that are both silent, fully mobile, and robust, for any size of monitor. Time to make your home office a comfortable office!