3 Fresh Ideas to Spruce Up your Living Room’s TV Wall

  • April 5, 2021

As everyone designing their dream home knows, how your living room looks isn’t just about your TV, it’s about what’s around your TV, as the centrepiece of the room. Whether it’s a plain wall, a coloured one, or decorated with various surfaces and finishings, or furnished with built-in carpentry, there’s a whole lot you can do around and with the wall your TV is mounted on, to create a splendid frame for your screen, and also enhance your TV viewing experience.

Here are some ideas you can try out in your current or future home to create a new look for your TV mount wall. 

  1. Floating Shelves Around TV

Create a sense of depth and space with a blank wall that’s empty of anything except your TV…and some floating shelves. This creates a minimalist look that nevertheless provides a useful storage function as well as a display function, for the trinkets and items that you cherish and want to be seen. You can either choose to stagger them at uneven heights and spacings to create a spontaneous, modernistic look, or arrange them neatly in rows and columns to convey a strong and comforting sense of order.

  1. Wooden Feature Wall

Creating visually pleasing backdrop for your TV, instead of just a plain coloured wall, can work wonders for your viewing experience. If you don’t already use the TV wall for built-up cabinetry, you can consider turning it into a feature wall, using wood to create a natural look that frames the TV well without snatching attention away from it. Use dark wood to create texture that is less obtrusive and duplicates “cinema mode” whenever you’re watching a show, or light wood to create contrast and brighten the room.

  1. Make it a TV Corner Instead

Instead of just decorating the wall that your TV is on, why not change the TV’s position completely? Instead of a TV wall, why not make it a TV corner instead? Using a flexible arm mount like Tigermount’s single arm full motion mount, you can anchor your TV to one wall, but suspend your TV within a corner, creating a wider field of view from anywhere in the room while creating a fascinating talking point for visitors with your unconventional TV setup.

Getting the Right Mount

Of course, decorating your TV mount wall is all very well, but you need to ensure that the main star of the show is itself well taken care of. Ensure that your TV is solidly mounted with a good quality mount that suits your needs, whether it’s motion, tilting, or a fixed mount with the lowest profile possible. To get the best TV mount and quality installation, speak to our experts here at Tigermount, one of Singapore’s leading TV mount specialists, and let us help you achieve the living room look you want!