3 Quick Tips On Improving Your Meeting Space

  • August 7, 2018

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Meetings can sometimes be such a chore. However, did you know that sometimes, it is the meeting space that is the culprit of all those mundane meetings! Today, we look at three fast and simple tips to improve your meeting space, and in turn to improve your meetings as well.

Using colours to your advantage
We human beings are creatures who are very much ruled by our subconscious, and our subconscious just loves the colour. According to this article from Quill, our moods are significantly influenced by colour. Let’s look at the four psychological primary colours, red, blue, yellow and green.

Red is a colour that is usually associated with passion or aggression, and this translates to a boosted heart rate and an increase in brain activity. Not surprisingly, it also whets people’s appetites.

Having red in your meeting space is good if you want to stimulate people, or if the meeting is going to involve a lot of physical activity, or if the meeting is going to go till late at night.

Blue is a calming and soothing colour that promotes a sense of trust, communication, and efficiency. In fact, most of the social media platforms (eg Facebook and Twitter) use a whole lot of blue in their logos and website layouts, simply because of this emotion that blue evokes.

Blue is great for brainstorming and detail orientated meetings, and if you are holding such a meeting, then stick with blue in your meeting space, be it the furniture, walls, or even the presentation slides.

Yellow is a colour that induces a sense of optimism and is a colour often associated with energy and vibrancy, which is not surprising that most children are naturally attracted to yellow (look at McDonald’s yellow arches).

While it’s a great colour to stimulate and energise, having too much can be detrimental, as it can also lead to anxiety and increasing people’s temper, so using yellow to accent other colours is the perfect way to go.

Green, also known as the colour of nature, is good for boosting creativity, inspiring innovation, promoting harmony and balance, enhancing creative performance, reduces anxiety, and perhaps the most beneficial of all, reduces eye strain. These multiple benefits of green is one of the reasons why you usually see a plant or plants in office spaces.

Use green in your meeting space if you want to promote innovation, or if there are many computer screens.

Food and drinks are important as well

Following the train of thought from before, we humans are not just ruled by our subconscious, but also by our stomachs. We tend to work and think better when we are sufficiently satiated. So, what are some benefits of having food and drinks?

Mental Alertness

When our brains are sufficiently energised, it enhances our focus. Energy-boosting snacks contain whole grain, so it’s a good idea to have wholegrain snacks available at meetings. Energy bars or even popcorn are good choices.

Brain Function

The antioxidant, lycopene, greatly improves brain function. This helps to boost productivity and helps the attendees of the meeting be able to process and understand the information discussed. Lycopene-rich foods include cherry tomatoes, watermelon, grapefruit, and red bell peppers.


Understanding and processing information is important and all, but won’t it all amount to nothing if the information is not remembered? So, some good memory boosting snacks would be a great addition to the meeting space as well. You can include blueberries, nuts, or even pumpkin seeds.

Focus and Concentration

A good blood flow through the body also flows well through the brain, which in turn vastly improves focus and concentration, which no amount of caffeine can replace. There are indeed some snacks that contain nitrates that improves blood flow, like beet chip and guacamole. Remember, having attendees at a good condition makes the meeting go smooth and productivity will shoot through the roof.

Make sure the presentation is visible to everyone

During a meeting, it is imperative for the presentation to be visible to every attendee, to ensure that information is properly conveyed. In most meeting spaces, there is a television that the presentation is projected on. However, there are times when the television cannot be seen from certain angles.

This is where a full motion tv bracket comes in. Enabling not just the ability to turn and tilt the television to different angles, but even allowing the television to face a completely different direction, a full motion tv bracket will ensure that the presentation can include every single attendee.

However, most tv brackets can be quite limited, allowing only a certain degree of movement, which is why we recommend the Large Single Arm Tiger Mount, a full motion tv bracket that fits most 40”-70” flat panel displays, and even allows up to a 180° swivel motion, depending on the television size. Check out the Single Arm Tiger mount here: https://tigermount.com.sg/single-arm/


In closing, in order to have a good and productive meeting, it is always important to note the small details of the meeting space, as even factors such as food, colours and the visibility of the display play a major role in holding a successful meeting.