3 Reasons To Get A Double Arm Full Motion TV Mount

  • January 25, 2020

Full motion tv bracket | Tiger Mount

To live in a comfortable home, conserving your living and working space in Singapore is of paramount importance. When it comes to choosing a TV mount, you need to account for the layout and design of your space, such as the dimensions of the furniture you may place under your TV mount. With a huge array of TV wall mount available – from basic fixed designs to those with a huge degree of flexibility – choosing a TV mount may be confusing. However, if the visual aesthetics of your space is your primary concern, the Double Arm Full Motion Mount is the perfect mount for your TV.

Maximize Your Living & Working Space

Unlike fixed mounts, the Double Arm Full Motion Mount is unrivalled in terms of mobility. With multiple joints built into its foldable arms, the Double Arm Full Motion Mount provides great swivel flexibility. When you need more space, simply push the TV set back into the wall, where the arms fold back such that the TV blends seamlessly into your walls. When you’re giving a presentation at work, or watching a movie with your family at home, bring the TV set out for an enhanced viewing experience.

Built To Last

The Double Arm Full Mount is designed to take on heavier TV sets up to 200lbs. Compared to our Single Arm Mount, the Double Arm Mount is able has a higher load-bearing capacity with the extra arm support, therefore giving you greater security with especially if you’re mounting a large TV. A heavy-duty product, we generally recommended the Double Arm Full Mount for commercial applications where there are potentially more instances of mishandling.

Flexible Ergonomics

For businesses, huge display monitor sets are especially common for big group presentations. Having a TV mount could bring convenience for such discussions, as adjusting the height, distance and angle can be done easily. The Double Arm Full Mount can be great, especially if your members or clients prefer to actively discuss a project by standing to speak in a closed discussion, for example.

Is the Double Arm Mount Right For You?

To decide if the Double Arm Mount is right for you, you should:

  1. Measure the dimensions and weight of your TV monitor – you can find this information online based on your model’s number, or in the accompanying manual.
  2. Take a picture of your TV monitor and show it to our consultant during a free consultation channel.
  3. Include your desired wall mount position and the surrounding areas for your TV monitor.

These are essential details that can help us make the appropriate decision for you. If you are interested in finding out more information about the Double Arm Full Motion Arm, do contact our professional consultants at 9424 6649. Alternatively, drop us an email at enquiry.tigermount@gmail.com. We look forward to providing you with the best recommendations for your needs.