3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A TV Mobile Stand

  • June 25, 2021

A TV stand is an essential tool that’s necessary for every home. The emergence of different designs and sizes of TVs has paved its way for the creation of different types of TV stands. At Tigermount, we offer mobile TV stands that can be pushed anywhere for your convenience. Here’s why you should invest in one. 

  1.  Stable Gaming Platform 

The last place you want to place your brand-new gaming device on is a wobbly tabletop, or to squeeze it with your TV within the same space. They run the risk of falling over and breaking, or a shaky tabletop may even cause a mishap during the actual gaming. 

A TV stand fully secures your gaming TV, especially for more rigorous and violent action games. Tigermount’s range of safe and secure TV stands promises a sturdy platform for enthusiastic gaming, preventing topples or falling over. A good and solid TV stand will ensure a safe space for optimal protection for your TV or gaming device, thus it is crucial to invest in a good one. Look no further than Tigermount and be spoilt for a range of choices that we have to offer. 

  1.  Adjustable Height For Improved Screening Pleasure

Whether you’re doing yoga on the floor or screening your kids’ favourite cartoon shows, Tigermount’s TV stands allow ample room for adjustment according to how you wish them to be. The different height adjustments cater to different activities that include yoga, or even doing an intense fitness workout. The TV stands are completely customizable to each’s desired height, and these height adjustments can be easily altered and do not require much work, unlike a mounted TV. 

  1. Convenient Usage 

As the pandemic becomes more unpredictable, returning to the norm such as having the same office routines as before is physically impossible. Having the right type of visual aids is important when working from home or having home-based learning for students. A good mobile TV stand allows you to set up important visual aids required for presentations, zoom classes and meetings, or even examinations, providing easier access and usage wherever you go. Take the virtual work anywhere you need to with a good mobile TV stand.

Consult Our Expert

If you’re still unsure about which TV stand to purchase, feel free to browse through our full range of mobile TV stands depending on your setup preferences. At Tiger Mount, we also offer TV stand installation services in Singapore to ensure the safety of your TV and the comfort of doing any activity. If you would like to find out more about TV stands in Singapore, have a chat with our professional experts at 9424 6649, or drop us an email at enquiry.tigermount@gmail.com