3 Solutions to Common TV Bracket Installation Issues

  • December 5, 2021

The more DIY-inclined of us like to have a hand in our own house and its facilities–whether it be enjoying putting together a cabinet, or mounting a new shelf, or even installing a TV bracket

However, with all home improvement projects, there are always issues and difficulties that you have to deal with. Mounting your TV correctly is no different. In this article, we talk about some of the common issues that someone trying to install a TV bracket to mount his/her TV might face, and we look at how to solve them to ensure your screen is safely, sturdily and satisfactorily installed.

1. Finding a Stud

This is one of the most common difficulties in mounting your TV. Unless you’re born with X-ray eyes, you usually can’t tell where the wooden studs that form the backbone to a typical drywall (now so common in newer HDB flats) are located–and it’s crucial to ensure your TV brackets are screwed into one, otherwise they’ll not only be unable to take the weight of a large screen, but also rip off your wall panels as they fall.

Unfortunately, there’s no simple way to find a stud–the only way to do so is with a stud finder, that can detect them through the gypsum board of the drywall. If you’re looking to install a TV bracket in your drywall at home yourself, you’ll need to invest in a decent stud finder that can produce accurate readings. There are many, many different kinds of stud finder on the market, and researching which kind you should be getting is a whole task in itself.

2. Making Sure Your TV is Level

Anyone who’s hung a picture before knows that even a little slant can look terrible, depending on how big the picture is. The same goes for a TV. It’s a horrific feeling to have found the stud, screwed in the TV bracket, mounted your TV, then stepped back–only to find that your TV is just slightly, slightly slanted. Even a full-motion TV bracket only allows you to tilt or swivel the screen, but not to rotate the TV to correct the slant–much less a fixed TV bracket! 

It’s utterly crucial to get the slant correct right from the start–don’t just use a spirit level, make doubly sure by measuring the heights of the screw points from the ground or the surface of the TV console. It’s easy to re-drill a new hole if the slant is considerable, but if the angle is only slightly off, you may have to completely reposition the TV bracket in order to prevent the new hole from running into the old one and enlarging it to the point that the screw is loose.

3. Mounting your TV in a Corner

Another potential issue you may run into is how to install a TV bracket to accommodate a TV position in the corner of a room. In this case, you need to keep your options open, and the simplest way to do that is with a Tigermount full motion TV bracket, whose movable arm allows you a full range of extension, swivelling and tilt to ensure your TV can be shifted into an optimal viewing angle, even if it’s off to one side or in a corner.

Get Professional Help

Ultimately, installing your TV bracket, and then your TV, by yourself can be really challenging, with many more problems that can potentially crop up than the ones that we’ve mentioned here. While it’s really enjoyable to work with your own hands, that short term sense of achievement may create issues in the long run. For guaranteed safety, stability and peace of mind, you should seriously consider getting professional help from the TV bracket and mount experts at Tigermount, with the full range of expert equipment, to ensure your TV bracket installation is perfect. Tigermount has also been reviewed and recommended as the top 8 best handyman services in Singapore by Handyman Reviewed!