3 Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas for Singaporean Couples

  • March 25, 2020

In every long-term relationship, it takes effort from both sides to keep the feelings of romance alive. Especially with hectic work commitments and maybe even kids in the picture, it’s almost impossible to schedule a fancy date night dinner and movie. Besides, racking up $100 or more for a meal doesn’t seem very practical for saving money in this expensive city of Singapore. 

Instead of feeling drained (financially and mentally) with each date, why not consider having a stay-at-home date night which could just be lovely as well? Staying at home doesn’t have to be boring! Get creative with the activities that can help you to reconnect with your loved one. In this article, we at Tiger Mount helped to round up three fun ideas for you to try out with your beloved.

For Those Lazy Days: Movie Night

Let’s start off with the easiest date idea: movie night. Maybe your partner had a really long and exhausting day at work and doesn’t have much energy to do anything else. Why not put on a movie and snuggle together on your couch? Keep a “movie wishlist” at hand for when you’re both too busy – that way, when you do decide to have your movie night, you won’t spend too long browsing! To spice things up, you might even want to set up a cosy corner that’s different from your usual sofa corner: get a bean bag, add a furry carpet, plush pillows, sparkly fairy lights and even some scented candles to really set the mood for movie night!

TV Wall Mount

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For A Fancy Mood: Candlelit Dinner

If you want a fun bonding session that involves food, why not arrange a Friday night when both of you can cook together? Try recreating a fancy dish, or experiment with new tastes and flavours. For something that involves minimal cooking, you can even try handmaking your sushi rolls! Some decor ideas to up the ante: bring out the wine glasses, use fancy dinnerware, and add in candles and a simple bouquet of flowers to make your home seem like a posh restaurant. If all the cooking sounds too much work for you, or if both of you are terrible cooks, takeouts work too! Catch up with your loved one, and talk about things unrelated to work to avoid killing the mood. Whatever the meal, an intimate dinner lit by the soft glow of candles is always a romantic choice.

For When You Want to Play: Board Games

Break out the dusty board games from your cupboard and you could very well ignite feelings of romance with a mini competition! If your partner is a little too competitive, maybe opt for games that involve teamwork, so that you can have an enjoyable evening reconnecting with them over an adventurous game.

Final Words

Maintaining relationships with your loved ones is hard work. If finding the time to go out and spending money is a challenge for you, opt for stay-at-home ideas that are way more affordable and even more intimate than a dinner at a restaurant. If you’re looking for tv mounting services in Singapore, browse our broad range of TV mounts that can meet your needs. Should you require further advice on your choice of TV mounts, ring our professional team at 9424 6649, or simply drop us an email at enquiry.tigermount@gmail.com today!