3 Ways To Make Your HDB Feel Huge

  • June 20, 2019

hdb buildings
You might have realised that these days, HDB flats are starting to get smaller and smaller, especially if you’ve just asked your significant other to BTO Ai Mai? But just because our spaces are getting smaller, it doesn’t mean we have to give up on our spacious apartment goals. There are tons of ways to make the most of what you have–it just takes a little creativity. To help you get your HDB looking Pinterest worthy, we’ve rounded up some tips on how to make a small space, seem much bigger!

Hidden Storage

Hidden storages are lifesavers for small houses. And the best part? They can be installed virtually everywhere! Under your bed or couch and sometimes they can even be disguised as coffee tables as well! Many homeowners kill two birds with one stone by getting a storage bench, giving your you and guests a comfortable place to take off their shoes while also storing miscellaneous items. These days, hidden storage options are getting more creative and aesthetically pleasing. They can come in all shapes and sizes, so now the biggest challenge is just choosing one that complements the rest of your decor, and fits into your home! Our personal tip is to store all your seasonal stuff in these hidden storages. Things such as winter jackets, Chinese New Year decorations and your Christmas decorations can easily be hidden and taken out as and when you need them (but just remember that you actually have them). Get rid of all the unsightly clutter and live the seemingly minimal lifestyle that’ll get everyone thinking: how does this guy do it?

Floating Shelves

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard this quote before but: The only way is up. This surprisingly also applies to your space saving solutions as well. We often neglect the space we have above ground and end up accumulating tons of floor-cluttering piles around our apartments. To make full use of all–and we mean all–the space in your HDB, we recommend getting some floating shelves installed! Essentially, floating shelves are wall mounted shelves for you to keep your knick-knacks, books and even plants! One thing we love about the floating shelf option is that they’re both form and function. There are tons of affordable minimalist options available on the internet, but if you’re going for some real aesthetics, a rustic wooden style adds a touch of class to any interior. The best part of this whole thing is that you’re only limited by the number of walls you have in your house. So it’s time to get those smaller items, like your books or decorations, off the floor and on the wall!

Mounting Your Television

Let’s be real, most households have a television. And if you’re really lucky, you have a really big one to Netflix and Chill in front of. But with big televisions, comes big space consumption. Without wall mounts, you’re bound to always take up a lot of ground space, because you have to get a designated top to hold the television. Instead of getting a whole new table top for your TV, why not free up some of that space and mount it all up? All you have to do is install TV brackets for a TV wall mount, and get that screen up there. Not to mention it’ll look so much more modern compared to having your television propped up on a table or floor stand. With a wall mount, you can use that precious space under your TV to house consoles, gadgets or even add to your home decor! And the best part? Tiger Mount does it all for you! We’re professionals in our field, and installing TV brackets take little to no time for us at all. You can always reach out to us at +65 9424 6649 if you’re unsure about how to install a TV bracket, or if you’re wondering whether your screen is suitable for the TV mount you’re looking to get–and yes, there are tons to choose from! So get a quality TV wall mount from us and take one more step towards getting the spacious home of your HDB dreams!