3 Ways to Improve Employee Productivity In 2020

  • March 5, 2020

With productivity being highlighted as a key workplace topic for 2020 in Singapore, the conversation of investing in technology and equipment is often mentioned as a way to improve efficiency and a business’s competitiveness. While it should be a business priority to improve the technical infrastructure of your operations to maximise profits, the welfare of employees in improving workplace productivity should not be underestimated.  As staff members who ensure the smooth running of your business, they also need to feel appreciated and valued for their contributions. From ergonomic desktop monitor mounts to installing a TV game room to well-stocked snack pantries, we round up 3 easy steps for you to show that you care for the work-life for your employees in Singapore

Ergonomic Work Stations

Since most employees spend the majority of their working hours at their desk, the work station should be one of the first areas you look into if you want to improve staff welfare. Whether your office is one that’s more traditional or one that adopts an open space concept, the comfort of your employee should not be overlooked!

For instance, having a desktop monitor mount instantly improves your employees’ sitting posture. By ensuring that their eyes are level with the monitor, a desktop monitor mount corrects spinal alignment issues such as lower back pain and sore neck. If you notice that your employees are constantly hunched over their monitors, it’s clearly a good time to change their workspace tools.

We love our popular multi-functional Single Desktop Monitor Mount that’s VESA-compliant. With a 360° rotation, your employees can quickly turn their screens for a bigger monitor interface. The mount also features a tilt angle of +35° to -50° to reduce glare from windows on the monitor, if your office faces the sun. It also comes with a swivel of 180°+ if employees need to show their team members to discuss a project. Bonus: your employees get more desk space! With a mounted desktop monitor, no more chunky stands can hinder your employee from losing important documents or meeting minutes. For those who need multiple monitors, we also have the Double Desktop Monitor Mount! Reach out to us at Tiger Mount if you’re considering a desktop monitor mount.

Of course, other things come into play to maximise your employee’s well-being: a comfortable office chair, the lighting, and noise level management tools. These are just some environmental factors that you should consider improving if you want your employees to be happy!

A Well-Stock Pantry

To make your office a place that employees look forward to coming to work to, try reaching them through their stomachs! With a little bit of money, you can stock your office’s pantry with breakfast supplies such as coffee and tea makers, bread loaves, and eggs for those who need fuel for the morning! This ensures that they have the energy to carry out whatever important tasks in the mornings – such as a super early video conference that would take the toll out of anyone. 

If you have a common pantry desk where employees can eat instead of sitting at their desk, you may even want to consider installing a TV that they can enjoy and catch up on the news during their short breaks! If you’re considering TV installation services in Singapore, you can check out our services to find out the most appropriate setup for your pantry table.

Flu Bug Prevention

In a fully air-conditioned work environment, flu bugs are easily spread through the air and common contact surfaces such as the pantry countertops and door handles. If any of your employees are sick, it’s advisable that you allow them one or two days to recover completely. Not only does this show that you genuinely care for their wellbeing as a leader, but you also protect your other healthy coworkers from falling ill. Emphasize to them that falling sick isn’t a sign of weakness and that they shouldn’t feel that taking MC would jeopardize their career goals.


Prioritizing your employees’ wellbeing has long-run benefits that can spill over into many other areas of work, such as cinching business deals or increased concentration on work tasks. If you’ve decided to purchase some desktop monitor mounts or install a TV for the food pantry table, feel free to reach out to our friendly team at Tiger Mount at 9424 6649 or email us at enquiry.tigermount@gmail.com! What does your company do to enhance your employees’ welfare?

What about you? What are the benefits of employee wellbeing in your eyes, and what do your companies do to ensure that wellbeing is a priority? Let us know in the comments below!