3 Ways to Increase Storage Space in Your Home

  • May 15, 2020

Be it to organise space or maximise storage room at home, Singaporeans are always looking for new ways to improve the aesthetics and functionality of their home. This is especially challenging for young homeowners in Singapore as houses are becoming smaller and smaller!

From tips on how to fully utilise your space and furniture, to ideas for vertical storage, you’re bound to find an innovative solution to increase storage space in your home here. We will even tell you the benefits of having either TV Wall Mounting or a TV Stand Installation!

Fully utilise dead spaces

Dead spaces refer to awkward areas in a room that are either too small or strangely shaped to place any furniture in, such as the area under windows, above the TV, or if you have a passageway or long hallway. Use these areas to accommodate shelves, wall-to-wall storage, or furniture with built-in storages. For major homes with staircases, you can even create storage spaces within the nook of your staircase in the form of a storeroom or vertical pull-out drawers!

If you can’t decide on a fixed location to install a TV in your home, you may want to consider a TV Stand Installation. At Tiger Mount, we provide free consultation for all TV Installation services including TV Mobile Stands ranging from small, medium, and large sizes. With a TV Stand Installation at home, you may keep it stored or tucked away in an empty corner when you need extra space and only wheel it out when you need it.

Vertical storage

One of the most effective ways to organise your home is to clear up the floor area. Think vertical! Install accessories such as baskets, floating shelves, cabinets, or even stackable boxes in closets to take advantage of all the tall, wide, or deep spaces. Also, you can choose to label your boxes for easy retrieval.


There are spaces where cabinets can be installed in almost any room: your bedroom, living room, bathroom, laundry room, or kids room. They will be visible and effective in keeping your essentials organized and neatly packed away, allowing your floors to be free of unnecessary clutter. One example would be to install top and bottom cabinets in your bathroom.

Being one of the smallest rooms in your house, it will definitely be a good idea to maximise space for toiletries, towels, and other essential supplies. Just make sure that the colour of your storage blends in aesthetically with the wall. Alternatively, you could even opt for mirrored cabinets to enhance the element of space.


Shelves are another accessory that can be easily installed. For example, removing your bed’s headboard and replacing it with shelves will give you space to display books, plants, and place an alarm clock. However, the placement of shelves may be tricky especially if it surrounds other household items such as your TV. If you need advice on TV Wall Mounting, be it with regards to placement or installation, we have professional consultants at Tiger Mount that will be more than happy to attend to your needs.


Empty walls or the back of doors are also excellent places to hang hooks which could hold your clothes and bags or even an additional holder with compartments that could store larger items such as shoes, or towels. You may also choose to find transparent holders to easily identify their contents! Additionally, hanging pots and pans from your kitchen’s ceiling is also a simple and effective way to organise your gadgets.

Furniture with built-in storage

Before purchasing a piece of furniture, try evaluating its potential storage capacity. Some pieces of furniture are able to provide storage spaces aside from serving their basic function. For example, if you get a coffee table with built-in storage spaces for your living room, you will have a place to keep your remote controls, CDs, and magazines.

A sofa or bed with storage space under the seats or mattress can also be used to tuck in extra pillows, blankets, sheets, and more. In addition, instead of having a nightstand, you may also choose to maximise vertical space by installing a narrow bookshelf which will offer even more storage options. Be bold and creative in choosing or designing your own furniture to maximise your storage needs!

How To Increase Storage Space in Your Home

We hope that you have found our tips on how to increase storage space in your home useful! If you’re completely new to TV Installation, please feel free to browse our extensive range of TV brackets and mounts of different sizes to find the one that suits your audiovisual needs the best.

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