4 Advantages of Using a Ceiling Mount for your TV

  • March 15, 2021

The ceiling is not usually where people think of installing their TV, as they don’t fancy constantly looking upwards just to look at the screen. Indeed, it would be odd if the TV in your living room is mounted from the ceiling! However, there are situations where having a TV mounted on the ceiling using a ceiling mount would be great.

1)  It makes watching TV while lying down easier

Having to keep craning your neck to look upwards when sitting on the sofa may be very tiring and inconvenient, but having your TV mounted on the ceiling is incredibly comfortable if you’re doing your watching lying down–for example, on a bed! Having a ceiling mounted TV in the bedroom allows you to recline or lie down completely and enjoy your shows, or play a console game, without having to sit up.

2)  It provides the greatest flexibility for changing room layouts

Being mounted from the ceiling means your TV has no obstruction around it, and can potentially enjoy 360 degree rotation as well as a full range of tilt. This ensures your TV can be viewed in absolutely any direction depending on your installation, and is especially suitable in places where the layout or position of the viewers may change constantly–for instance, offices, training rooms, shops, or places where people may have to queue.

3)  It maximises visibility

A TV mounted on the ceiling is a TV that is high above everyone’s heads, ensuring that everyone can see it without obstruction. This might not be a major plus point at home when just watching Netflix, but it is a very important factor in public, commercial or corporate spaces where you might be using the TV to display important announcements and news, or to keep customers entertained as they queue to buy from your shop, or as they are waiting in the clinic, for example.

4)  It maximises floor and wall space

When your TV is mounted on the ceiling, it is neither standing on the floor or protruding from the wall. This frees up floor and wall space for storage, furniture, or simply for additional spaciousness.

Besides installing your TV on the ceiling for this purpose, of course, it is also completely necessary to mount your TV projector from the ceiling using a projector mount.

Tigermount provides high-quality ceiling mounts for your TV and projector that are easy to install and remove for maintenance. Our ceiling mounts also provide internal cable management for neatness while universally fitting a wide variety of screens and projectors and affording you a full range of motion for maximum viewability, wherever you are.

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