4 Creative TV Area Designs for Maximum Viewing Pleasure

  • November 25, 2020

Where there’s a TV, there we often spend most of our day. We already spent so much time in front of it in the past with terrestrial and cable TV and game consoles. Now there’s Youtube, Netflix, and so many other streaming services that can be piped straight to your TV to keep you glued.

Given how central TVs are to our lives and homes, and given how long you’ll be staring at the wall with the TV, it makes a lot of sense to ensure that your TV area is well-designed and beautifully decorate to ease your eyes and make you feel truly at home as you enjoy your favourite shows or games.

Here are 4 creative design concepts that you can use to mount and frame your TV, spruce up your TV console area, and create space and comfort.

Shelf wall

Create a fascinating conversation piece and a lighter feel for your TV area with a shelf wall to break up the space and create storage and display space to complement your TV, especially with open back shelves that reveal the wall behind. Play with the configuration of the shelves to create spaces for your TV in surprising places–who says your TV has to be mounted in the middle of the wall? Be adventurous!

“Floating” console and feature wall

Create a sense of airy minimalist space by mounting your TV onto a bare feature wall, simply textured to create visual variation without overwhelming with detail. Brick, geometric tiles, or simply paint can be used to create a feature wall that doesn’t compete for attention with what’s on your screen or exhaust you. Complete the minimalist feel with a gravity-defying TV console mounted onto the wall.

Cabinet with sliding panels

Regardless of how seamlessly you mount a TV on a wall, its blackness still stands out against certain surfaces, especially light coloured walls. To preserve the neatness of your colour scheme, you may consider installing your TV inside a TV cabinet with sliding panels that match the rest of your wall/cabinet so you only need to open it when needed. Consider mounting your TV with a single arm or double arm so you can extend it out of the recessed area after opening it, for maximum visibility.

Ceiling-hung consoles

Is your TV and its console taking up a lot of ground-level space if you’re installing it in a smaller area like a bedroom? Consider using a ceiling-mounted console, or even a ceiling mount for your TV to create space for movement.

Creative TV wall designs also require dependable TV mountings and brackets to help realise your vision. With Tigermount’s experience specialising in mounting all LCD, LED and plasma TVs in every configuration, we’ll make your TV area design a reality.