4 Creative TV Mounting Ideas to Blend With Your Interior Decor

  • December 25, 2021

Most of you who own homes will typically need a TV in the living room, and most usually, you’ll have it mounted on the wall in some way. However, with increasing sophistication in interior design trends and a stronger awareness of design principles and schools of thought thanks to personalities like Marie Kondo, televisions, while essential for entertainment, have turned for some people into design embarrassments–huge black rectangles that clash with whatever colour scheme or decor they have planned for their house, and which draw the eye where they don’t want it to go. 

Our TV bracket and TV mounting experts here at Tigermount have come up with a few suggestions to help your TV blend into your decor and look less jarring.

1. Creating a Feature Wall

One of the most common ways is a simple visual trick–reducing contrast. Many Singaporeans prefer light coloured walls, which keep our flats brighter and cooler, but which also permit large black TVs, typically mounted with a fixed mount on the wall, to stick out like sore thumbs. 

To make your TV recede into the wall visually so it doesn’t stick out so much, a simple solution would be to paint the segment of wall that the TV is on a darker colour, such as dark blue, or dark grey. Alternatively, you could also apply some visually busy wallpaper such as a brick or stone wall design, to draw the eye away from the TV. 

Either way, making your TV wall a feature wall will help distract attention away from your TV.

2. Decorate Around the TV

If you don’t want to colour the wall itself, another way to create the visual contrast you need is to introduce eye-catching decorations that exude character around your TV–either in the form of paintings and artwork, or shelves and display items. Make them colourful or vibrant, or ensure they are full of personality, to draw the eye to these items and decrease the starkness of contrast of your TV. 

3. Hide the TV Behind a Bookshelf

If you really feel TVs are too eyecatching to even be seen, here’s a unique alternative–hide your TV behind a bookshelf. Build a custom bookshelf with a recess large enough to accommodate your TV, and ensure the recess is covered by a segment of shelf that can be raised and lower on hinges. 

Mount your TV inside the recess with a full motion arm, which allows the TV to be pulled out and swivelled as needed whenever you want to watch it, from wherever you are. When not in use, you can simply stow it back inside the recess and pull the bookshelf closed again.

4. Make Your TV Stand Out

As a final tip, however, here’s some food for thought: Why hide your TV? Why not make a virtue out of a necessity, and turn your TV area into a full TV media wall that’s centred on your home entertainment? Simply mount your TV to a fixed mount, then build a wall around it that frames it perfectly, at the right distance from the wall to accommodate your mount, and keep it simple to draw the eye to the TV–especially if you have a particularly large or high-end model that you’re really proud of. 

Speak to The Experts

If you’re exploring what’s possible in the world of TV mounting, and how it can complement your interior decor ideas, then speak to our experts at Tigermount. With years of experience in TV brackets and TV mounting, they can provide you the advice you need, and even some suggestions as to how best to position fit your TV into your designs as well. Get in touch today!