4 Easy Steps to Unmount Your TV and Remove Your Mount

  • February 5, 2022

It’s always easier to set up than to dismantle; many DIY TV buyers often worry about setting up their TVs, finding the right TV mount provider, choosing the right mount for their needs, and ultimately, installing it–but how many of you actually think about when you’ll need to remove it?

Unmounting your TV and removing your mount can happen for a variety of reasons–you may be moving house, upgrading your TV to one with a larger size, or you may simply want to move your TV elsewhere in the house.

Either way, removing it isn’t as easily as yanking it off the wall. This article will help you remind yourself of the important steps you need to follow to remove TV and mount safely without damaging the wall.

Step 1: Disconnect Everything

TVs are usually connected to a whole host of cables, and you should ensure that all of them have been disconnected before you do any moving or dismantling. Check and feel around the back of your TV to make sure you’ve unplugged all your HD cables, console cables, sound systems cables, and also the TV’s own power cable, if applicable. Leaving wires connected can add risk when you’re moving your TV, because they could get caught on obstacles, or not provide you enough slack to move your screen around the way you’d like it to.

If you’ve already got your TV installed with a single arm or double arm full motion mount, you’ll have little trouble because you can simply extend the arm to get easy access to the back of the TV.

Step 2: Lift With A Friend

For obvious reasons, you should not try to lift a TV off its mount by yourself unless it’s small enough for you to manage its weight. Trying to move a 60 inch HD TV by yourself will likely just result in a very expensively smashed HD TV on the floor.

To lift your TV off, take hold of the bottom part of the TV and tilt it gently towards you, then lift off. If your existing TV mount has a safety catch or lock, do ensure that it has been released before attempting to exert any force.

Safety locks can either be screw locks, to be unlocked with a screwdriver, or a bar or string lock.

Step 3: Bring the TV Down

Once you’ve managed to lift the TV off from the mount, all you need to do is place the TV facedown on a soft padded surface, such as a towel, to protect the screen while you work on the back of the TV.

Step 4: Remove Mount Bracket and Wall Mount

Once your TV has been placed face down, unscrew the mount bracket from the back of your TV, and do the same with the wall mount that has been bolted or screwed into the wall. Voila, a TV mount, ready to be reused.

Step 5: Install Your New Mount

If you’re going through this removal process because you’re either installing a new mount or changing your TV, then this is the time when you need to roll up your DIY sleeves and install the new wall mount. Take care to ensure that the screws of the new mount are anchored in the studs of your wall if it is a drywall.

Doing It Yourself

Sometimes, doing it yourself may not be the best approach, with the inherent risks of damage to your television through the slightest mistakes and oversight. The same goes for the all those times when you needed to choose a mount for your TV, and decided to wing it instead of asking those with a deeper knowledge of TV mounts.

Speak to our friendly team at Tigermount for advice and help, whether it’s in selecting a new mount, or advising you in installing and dismantling, or actually doing it for you. Get in touch, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your TVs safe with us!