4 Family-Friendly Ways To Recreate Your Home

  • July 5, 2020

From freeing up wall space with tv stand installations to installing desktop monitor mounts to accustom to the new #WFH lifestyle, makeovers should be something you look forward to– especially when it comes to your private sanctuary! But with space constraints, loose wires and varying needs, tarting up your home can leave you feeling under the weather. To avoid any hiccups, we’ve rounded up 5 ways to recreate your home for both the young and the young at heart!

Reach for the skies

Sometimes hanging your flat-screen television on space-restricted walls or finding the right entertainment stand to support your tv may cause constraints with foot traffic. Whether you’re looking to free up floor and wall space or simply looking to recreate a home theatre for Netflix and Chill with your loved ones, look no further. For a busy modern-day home that requires floor and wall space, a ceiling mount is just what you need to for more room in the house. Commonly seen in the workplace, ceiling mounts are ideal for both personal and business use. It’s an easy hack to spice up your home, giving the illusion of a home theatre with all the functionalities of a standard wall bracket. While you’re at it, paste DIY glow in the dark stars on your ceiling. This way, you and your kiddos will enjoy the best viewing pleasure under your very own Northern Lights! And the best part? The fragile equipment is kept out of harm’s way. What’s more, it’s safe, dust-free and secure!

Mounting a TV to the ceiling can be just as safe as putting it on the wall, provided it’s done correctly. A rule of thumb, if you’re unfamiliar with tv stand installation, it is worthwhile hiring a professional to do it for you. It’s certainly convenient and can save you from feeling under the weather should your ceiling get damaged. One mistake during this tv stand installation for this flexible viewing option can cost you dearly. If you want to reach for the skies, do it right! it’s a game of precision here!

Tuck the cable clutter away

There’s nothing quite like finding out your furry friend or little tot has chewed through your loose wires and cables which came with your tv. Little kiddos and furry friends are notorious for fiddling with everything they find lying around. These tangled traps often look like playgrounds of chew toys for our furry friends, which are potentially dangerous hazards. We’ve all struggled with keeping these unsightly wires away from sight. Not only are they unattractive, but these nasties also attract dust and grime, forming a home of dust bunnies. Finding the right location to put your TV is both an art and science.

If ceiling mounts aren’t your kind of thing or if you simply prefer to avoid drilling holes on your ceiling, tv wall mounting is your next bet! Not only does it similarly optimise space and ensure viewing optimisation, but it also eliminates wire and cable clutter that came with your TV. By doing so, not only do you practically get rid of the unnecessary mess but also safely keep them away without removing hooks. With TV wall mounts, you can rest assured that you can enjoy your favourite movies and shows in complete comfort.

Entertainment wherever you go

With most of us working from home lately, having a tv follow us wherever we go can combat queasiness from getting pass household errands. It’s also no doubt an excellent tool to beat multiple projects all at once. Whether you’re whisking away recipes in the kitchen or having a spa retreat in your bathroom, you can move your tv to your convenience.

If you’ve got elderly folks living with you, mobile tv stands are worthwhile additions to your home. Sure, you can still see the TV just fine with tv wall mounts and stands. Still, elderly folks are at higher risks of getting strenuous necks with the likelihood of backache too from sitting down to watch TV. Of course, this can affect their viewing pleasure. Mobile tv stands can make the viewing experience much more bearable. This way, they can leisurely watch tv in the comfort of their bedrooms. And the best part? Not only are they sturdy and attractive, but they also don’t hurt your back pocket. So whether you’re looking to have entertainment for both the young and the young and heart, these elegant stands are worth keeping!

Workspace flexibility matters

Let’s own up to it, messy workspace, messy headspace. And here’s where another problem arises, distractions. Of course, if you’re a digital doodah or simply spend long hours in front of a computer screen, installing a desktop monitor mount can ramp up your ergonomic comfort when you work. Loose stationery, notebooks and stacks of office paper can ruffle your feathers and distract you from tasks at hand. Not only are monitor mounts practical and affordable, but they can also make working from home much easier. A clutter-free workspace supports a healthier working experience. A tidy desk allows you to be more productive, think clearly, and keep those distractions at bay. This way, you save both space and weight of the TV on your table as well.

Consider an expert

Choosing the right way to go about tv stand installation is a safe way to revolutionise your home viewing experience. At Tiger Mount, our dedicated team of professionals care about your needs. Whether you’re looking for a desktop monitor mount or wall mounts for your home, we can find your perfect fit. Of course, if you need further assistance with installation, our professional consultants are here to help. Simply call us at 9424 6649, or drop us an email at enquiry.tigermount@gmail.com to find out more.