4 Great Uses For TV Mounts

  • November 20, 2018

Gas Strut TV Mount Singapore
Televisions nowadays are becoming more and more slim, with the boxy and bulky design of times past long behind us, with the more modern televisions adopting a sleek yet wide body, providing the best screen to body ratio for our viewing pleasure. However, with this new design, televisions are no longer able to stand on their own, requiring a mount or a stand in order to install the television.

While a TV stand is a completely valid option, it does have its inconveniences as well. The table might not be large or tall enough, making it a chore to set the television at the optimal angle for maximum viewing pleasure. This is where the TV mount comes into play, namely, a TV gas strut mount. In this article, we will be exploring the benefits that a TV gas strut mount provides.

1)   Flexibility
As it was mentioned earlier, a TV gas strut mount is leagues above a normal TV stand in terms of attaining that sweet viewing spot in your house. With an unparalleled degree of freedom of movement, the TV gas strut provides, you can be sure that you can make sure that no matter in whichever situation you find yourself in, your television will always be able to turn and suit your every viewing need.

2)   Safety
A pretty common home accident is the television tip over, especially with the slim profile of modern televisions making that horrible accident that much more prone to happen. It can happen if you happen to be cleaning the area around the television and you knock over your television by mistake, or even when your young child is playing in the living room and accidentally knocks over the television, not only damaging the device but also injuring the child at the same time.

With a TV gas strut mount, you can rest assured that a television tip over will never happen again, with the gas strut mount being bolted to the wall, giving you that added peace of mind that your television is safe and sound.

3)   Space-Saver
As the TV gas strut is wall mounted, you will no longer need to have a table to prop the television on, giving you the option to have the table or any other piece of furniture taking up space in your living room being dedicated to just the television. If you are looking to free up some space in your house and you are currently using a television stand, do consider changing to a wall mount for your television!

4)   Installation is extremely easy
Although installing a TV gas strut mount might seem to be a daunting task to undertake, the reality is that it is actually an extremely simple process that does not require you to even lift a finger! With Tiger Mount, Singapore’s leading specialists in wall mounting services, you can be rest assured that they will do a stellar job at installing the wall mount to your satisfaction, and to give you the best service possible.

What are you waiting for?
With so many benefits that come with a TV gas strut mount, if you are still using a television stand, and you wish to change to a gas strut mount, please visit https://tigermount.com.sg/gas-strut-tv-mount/ to choose and fix an appointment with Tiger Mount today!