4 Reasons to Install A Monitor Mount

  • January 5, 2020

In a tech-savvy society like Singapore’s, desktop monitors are a common sight both at work and at home. While a laptop monitor might be more portable, you get unparalleled viewing experience with bigger monitor screens. To enhance your viewing experience on a monitor, here are four reasons to invest in a monitor mount.

Increased Productivity

With a monitor mount, you have complete control over the visual displays of your work – be it to split across multiple screens and windows, or to rotate the orientation of the monitor to achieve a longer screen that might be more suitable for your work needs. Having strong monitor mounts that give you the flexibility to swivel and tilt enhances your viewing experience, and by extension, your productivity gains at work.

A Bigger Desk Space

Though monitors are fantastic for the user’s viewing experience, they can cause a more cluttered desk space because of bulky stands. With less desk space, your table would quickly be swarmed with post-it notes and documents! Using a monitor mount allows you to free valuable space that can help you be more organized and on top of your to-do-list.

More Ergonomic

Slouching, leaning forward, rounded shoulders are all symptoms of poor posture that can result from having a desktop monitor that is not adjusted to the user’s physical requirements. If not corrected, prolonged poor posture habits can lead to chronic back pain and joint issues that have serious health implications. Investing in a monitor mount allows you to have proper office ergonomics, and consequently a comfortable working space to ensure maximum productivity.

Greater Flexibility

A monitor mount allows versatility when it comes to the placement of your monitor. You have the flexibility to adjust the height, angle and distance you want it away from your seat. Monitor mounts are especially useful when you have to collaborate with your colleagues on a project and you need feedback on your work – you’re able to swivel the monitor screen to an optimal position for viewing and discussion that are comfortable for the eyes. A monitor mount also lets you customise your workstation regardless of your monitor’s placement.

Selecting a Monitor Mount

Before purchasing a monitor mount, consider the following points:

VESA Compliant: VESA compliance refers to the compatibility between the mount and the back of your monitor. A VESA compatible monitor has the standard mounting drilled at the back of the monitor; the dimensions are usually: 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm. Our monitor mounts are VESA compliant, meaning you’ll have no issues no matter the monitor model.

Number Of Monitors: Depending on the number of monitors you have, you may require single or a dual monitor mount. Setting up single monitor mounts for each screen is possible, but to fully optimise your desk space, a dual monitor that can accommodate all screens is a workspace essential.

Where to get Monitor Mounts in Singapore

Tiger Mount’s Single Desktop Mount and Dual Double Mount have adjustable features such as a 360° rotation,180°+ swivel and tilt angle of +35° to -50° allow you to easily adjust your monitor in all directions and of optimum height by yourself! Our mounts are able to withstand 2 to 6.5kg per arm, ensuring that even the biggest monitor sizes of up to 27” will be secured.

Still unsure which desktop monitor mount is suitable for your tabletop space? If you’d like to have a free consultation for your installation needs, have a chat with our professional consultants at 9424 6649 or drop us an email at mailto:enquiry.tigermount@gmail.com!