4 Reasons Why A TV Mobile Stand is Suitable For Home Parties

  • August 25, 2021

Having a TV mobile stand might just be one of your best investments just yet, due to the convenience it brings, as well as in-built adjustable heights that can cater to your individual needs. 

Although the pandemic has taken a toll on social gatherings, you can still have a home party with your family members or invite up to the maximum number of guests per household, depending on regulations. And of course, a home party is not a party without a TV. Here are some reasons why having a TV mobile stand accentuates your home party experience and makes parties so much more enjoyable!

High Portability 

Imagine a situation where your guests are scattered in groups around the house, and some groups want to watch netflix while others desire to play Just Dance. Wouldn’t it be more convenient if you had a versatile mobile TV, where you can easily push to the next group of people after the first group is done, without mobilizing your guests? 

With a good mobile TV stand, your guests would not need to work themselves around the TV but rather, let the TV do the work for them instead. Instead of having the TV permanently mounted to the wall, using a TV mobile stand allows you to transport the TV to different rooms, which eliminates the need for multiple TVs in the house and simultaneously saves you money.

Functional Equipment

Not only can you easily transport your TV around with a TV mobile stand, but you can also easily change the positioning of the screen or direction of the setup so your guests can have the best viewing experience. 

You can also take advantage of a mobile TV stand by utilising the adjustable shelf to put lightweight items, and avoid clutters to have a wider space at home. The height of the TV is also adjustable to cater to different needs, so you may adjust accordingly to suit your party needs.

Safe And Secure

At Tigermount, our TV mobile stands come with wheel locks, so you can lock the setup in place to prevent the wheels from moving or shifting by accident. Cables are also managed properly and are kept hidden within the poles of the stand, so you don’t have to worry about messy wires which may tangle up or trip someone by accident.

You can find a wide array of mobile TV stands at different heights and weight limits, and they’re definitely guaranteed safe for domestic usage. 

Stylish And Impressive 

A TV mobile stand offers a fresh look and style to add onto your home collection. What is a better way to wow your guests than to push your TV into the living room during the home party? 

If you’re still unsure about which mobile TV stand to purchase, or would like to find out more about our products, do consider having a chat with our professional experts at 9424 6649, or drop us an email at enquiry.tigermount@gmail.com. You can also browse through our range of TV mobile stands at our website that we have to offer.