5 Chic Home Decor Ideas To Throw Your Own Party

  • August 25, 2020

Everyone deserves to let loose once in a while, and having a party is a great way to have a good time with your friends! Whether it is a mid-week breather, a Saturday night blast or a birthday surprise for someone special, decorations can liven up the atmosphere in your house and make your celebration an unforgettable one for all.

In this article, we will share with you 4 chic home decor ideas to throw your own party. We will also recommend to you our gas strut tv mount that will help to raise your tv screen, enabling every party-goer to enjoy their favourite entertainment programmes.

1. Have a Disco Ball

A party is simply not complete with flashing disco lights! Throwing out LED beams in every direction, portable disco balls help to amp up the mood and get the rhythm going as your friends groove along to the music. Just place them in your living room and plug the power in for a majestic colour transformation.

2. Add Fairy Lights

Stunning and versatile, you can drape fairy lights over any object and it will instantly add a soft, lovely glow to your room. Some ideas include attaching them to the ceiling, on curtains, over your bookshelves and even creating pretty shapes with them. Their charming gleam helps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, contrasting with and accentuating the flare of disco lights for an even more vibrant display at your party.

3. Hang Balloons

Balloons are a classic decorative choice! They come in a multitude of colours — ranging from grand golden hues to cute pastel shades. You can pick ones that will fit with the overall theme and colour scheme of the party. For instance, if you want your party to have a more elegant feel, get some rose gold or silver balloons.

What you can do with them is endless; allow them to drift to the ceiling, drape them on the door or even attach them together and put them up to act as the background for your photo booth!

4. Install a TV bracket

Turning on the television screen to watch shows is a great way for everyone to gather and chill at the party. Having your TV at an elevated position will allow them to view the screen more comfortably for a fun and enjoyable experience! For this, we at Tiger Mount recommend our range of gas strut TV mounts suitable for different TV sizes so that you can have a great time with your friends without having to worry about discomfort from bent necks.

5. Decorate With Flowers And Garlands

Flowers and garlands, with their loose, flowy look, inject a natural touch of beauty to the party. You can buy some flowers and even make your own paper ones, then place them in transparent jars on the table or create a balloon-and-flower bouquet to hang up! Another option is to string them together to form garlands for display. What’s more, you can also vary the types, sizes and colours of the flowers depending on your chosen aesthetic!

Home Decor Ideas To Throw Your Own Party

We certainly hope that you have found our suggestions for party decor to be useful! Interested in getting a TV mount? Feel free to browse our extensive collection of TV brackets and mounts of different sizes to find which one your TV model best.

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