5 simple ways to renovate your home into a Korean-style HDB flat

  • October 6, 2020

Korean HDB TV Mount

Getting the key to an HDB flat is a significant milestone in the lives of many Singaporeans. It’s a place where we can finally call it our own, and as first-time homeowners, the first step that is on your to-do list will be to renovate your home. Despite the space constraints of a flat, you can still nail the Korean-style look while making your home look effortlessly stylish and cosy. We’ve put together 5 simple ways to turn your home into a Korean-style HDB flat that’s worth a read!

  1. Simple plain white wall

Now on to the look, the main design principle of all Korean-style décor is simplicity. Maintain a clean and minimal look for the walls of your living room to create a clean and clutter-free look in your home.

  1. Go for wooden furniture

We are seriously swooning over how natural elements like wood furniture creates a cozy atmosphere to your home. If you have been binge-watching on Korean dramas, you will notice how much emphasis is being put into wooden style texture furniture. To create the perfect Korean-style home, go for wooden furniture and it will certainly wow your guests while making them feel comfortable. You can even try out different hues of brown for aesthetic purposes.

  1. Use mirrors for decoration

Other than a #OOTD last check before you leave your house, mirrors help to maximise the illusion of space. Try hanging mirrors of various shapes and sizes, or even a full-length wall mirror on the living room wall to boost the aesthetics of the house.

  1. Install a TV wall mount

With phase 2 in full swing, most of us will find ourselves working from home or even staying at home for a longer period of time, which also means more screen time. To prevent yourself from suffering digital eye strain, mounting your television will help to solve those problems which will surface in time to come. A wall-mounted TV also helps to reduce the chances of TV toppling over and hurting people.

With this ongoing pandemic, we will be spending more time in the comfort of our home. Why not spruce up or even renovate your home with new furniture? Take this time to upgrade your living room situation. Consider mounting your TV for the comfort of you and your family.

Consult the professionals

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