5 SME Budget-friendly Upgrades To Improve Your Office in Singapore

Renovating an office can be extremely costly for SMEs in Singapore, especially if you’re a bootstrapped business that’s tight on finances. However, the ambience of your office can make a difference not only on your employees’ productivity but also your brand’s image when clients find you at your office. Imagine the impression they’ll get when they visit a shabby-looking office! From desktop monitor mounts to simple decorative rugs, let us inspire you with budget-friendly upgrades that can instantly spruce up your office.

1.   Put Your Desktop Monitors At Eye Level With a Desktop Monitor Mount

Continuously hunching over to look at your monitor over long periods puts excessive pressure on the spine and lungs, causing negative health consequences in the long run. Other than correcting your desk and chair height, installing a desktop monitor mount is a key component to ensuring an ergonomic sitting position for you and your employees! A desktop monitor mount helps to keep your back and neck straight when you’re looking at the screen, allowing you to work at your desk over longer periods without feeling unnecessary pressure. If your company doesn’t have enough funds to renovate the entire office, small upgrades such as a desktop monitor mount are affordable and beneficial for you and your fellow coworkers.

desktop monitor mount


Our single desktop monitor mount at Tigermount is VESA compliant, making it suitable for most monitor screens. Supporting the weight of up to 6.5KG, the desktop monitor mount also features 360° rotation, 180°+ swivel, and a tilt angle of +35° to -50° to support all your office needs. Apart from experiencing the health benefits of an ergonomic workstation immediately, you also get a neater work station with more table space to place important documents. And if you have two monitors, don’t worry — we also have a double desktop monitor mount!

2.   Elevate With A Full Motion TV Wall Mount

If your meeting room’s TV still sits on a desk like those from the ‘80s, it’s seriously time to upgrade the space with a full motion TV wall mount. Not only will you eliminate cable mess off your precious office space, but getting your TV mounted provides you with the convenience of swiveling your TV of up to 180° to facilitate meetings and discussions with your colleagues. The full motion TV wall mount is an affordable and durable productivity tool that can last for years, making it a worthy investment for your office upgrade.

tv wall mount


3.   Improve Office Lighting Conditions

Think the lights in your office space don’t make a difference? Think again! Many research studies found that the lighting fixtures in offices greatly affect employee work performance, with many citing how suitable office lights can improve workers’ moods and overall health over time. These don’t necessarily have to be expensive as well — you can get them at a pretty affordable price if you look hard enough!

bright office lighting


4.   Hang Some Decorative Art Pieces

Art pieces are an easy way to jazz up the look and feel of your office space. Tall paintings help to elongate the height of your office space, making employees and visitors feel like a room is bigger than it actually is, while long paintings hung horizontally instantly lengthens a corridor. Finding art pieces at a bargain isn’t that hard, and you can actually help your local art industry by purchasing some pieces. For a modern office space feel, abstract paintings or patterns usually work the best.

decorative art piece


5.   Add Some Storage Space

Give each of your office knick-knacks a dedicated home with small boxes and baskets. Storage furniture can keep your office tidy and presentable at close to nothing! Explore different options of colour, shapes and sizes that are suitable for your existing office space, and try to keep things standardized for a coherent look. Giving your employees a personal storage box of their own helps to keep clutter off their desk and reduces the time spent trying to find that important document.

Where To Get Desktop Monitor and TV Wall Mounts in Singapore

Spending money to upgrade your office space in Singapore doesn’t have to be costly with small adjustments like the tips we’ve provided in this article. If you’re interested in our desktop monitor mount and full motion tv wall mount listed in this article, you can also browse our full range of Tiger Mount products to find out what’s most suitable to your office needs. Reach out to our experienced team at  9424 6649, or simply drop us an email at enquiry.tigermount@gmail.com today!