5 Things You Need To Know Before Setting Up Your New TV

  • June 15, 2020

From lounging on the couch with your favourite popcorn to catching up with family-friendly movies with you little tots, television time should be something you look forward to– no matter what screen it’s playing on! But with loose wires, confusing technical manuals and picking from an array of tv wall mounting options, setting up your tv can get toilsome sometimes, and can even leave you feeling under the weather. To avoid any hiccups when you set up your new flat screen, we’ve put together 5 things to make sure you get the installation right!

Choosing an appropriate location

Setting up your new tv is an exciting process, and it’s the most exciting part after purchasing a new tv. Before we couch up and binge-watch the latest episode of Stranger Things, there are several steps in between to ensure your viewing experience remains just as enjoyable and exciting. To make the most out of your buck, the right location matters. An often-forgotten step, the wrong location can make your viewing experience uncomfortable and inconvenient. It can also damage your screen if your tv ends up having direct exposure to sunlight, which tend to be harsh for these technical gadgets.

So take as much time as you need to test-drive different viewing positions and angles to completely prep yourself and your flat screen for its’ new home! You can also sit in your favourite spot and have someone to assist with measuring the distance from the floor to your eye level. This way, getting your hands on tv stand installation and tv wall mounting doesn’t have to feel tricky. With the right location, it is easy to set up the perfect entertainment centre.

Understand how tv wall mounting works

Mounting a TV the right way requires meticulous attention to detail and a good understanding of how structurally sound your wall is. Conversations of mind-numbing checking to ensure comfortable viewing can ruffle your feathers. Still, it’s worthwhile having help when it comes to tv wall mounting. It’s typically a 3 person job —two to get the manual labour done and one to oversee, literally.

If you decide to try your hand at DIY tv wall mounting, the next main thing to consider is an appropriate wall for it. Not every wall can support the hefty weight of televisions, so be sure to do thorough groundwork checks before you get started. If you have to move your flat screen tv, never leave it laying flat. The weight of a TV has been designed carefully so that it can be kept upright at all times. If laid down, gravity can affect the weight distribution of your screen. Before you know it, a moving catastrophe might happen!

Have a wiring plan in mind

While untangling and organizing wires may be nail-biting, it’s even more stressful if you have little kiddos or a furry friend who might chew on, tug or cause a potential hazard in your house. When it comes to tv cables, wiring them correctly is the first and foremost line of defence to get your tv working and prevent any potential hazard. Nothing is less aesthetically pleasing than sitting down to watch your crisp, brand new flat TV screen only to be distracted by a jungle of cords in plain sight.

Resolve your wire woes and stay plugged in with cable catches or cord docks. Or better yet, use a cable reel to conceal, untangle and shorten those cords! Cable reels are ingenious lifesavers when it comes to winding up those nasties and child-proofing those cables. If you can’t hide them, flaunt them! Now’s the perfect time to bring out your inner Picasso and get crafty by colour coding those wires. Zip-tie them together and add labels to your assortment of cords. Rest assured this way you’ll maintain your sanity the next time you’re looking to unplug your table lamp without getting in the way of switching off your television!

Choose the right tv stand

Somewhere between finding the perfect tv that matches the decor in your living room and masking the electronic clutter, dimensions take a backseat. It’s all too easy to forget about ensuring that your tv stand is appropriate for your tv size. Still, space is an essential factor to consider before you choose your tv stand. And trust us, it’s one step that you won’t regret so that it comes in handy during your tv stand installation!

Ensure you have measured your counter space well and before purchasing a tv stand. If you have limited space, a tv table stand is your best bet. Of course, anchor it to a wall if you’ve got extra wall space to spare. Otherwise, use an anti-tip stand. If you’ve got large rooms, you just might want to get your hands on tv mobile stands that can follow you wherever you go!

Safety First

Modern television sets tend to be lighter than their predecessors, but they are only as great as the gadgets that support them. So to withstand the test of time, your television needs just as much attention and care as any other device. High temperatures can kill electronics. Avoid keeping your child’s Xbox 360 or Wii set in an enclosed cabinet or tv stand. It might seem harmless but the lack of oxygen to the devices raises a temperatures’ device and possibly, can cook your gadgets and damage your television set that’s connected to it over time.

Young children and pets like to stretch their minds with new things, and your tv area just might be a notorious place for tip-over incidents. If you know your way around power tools during your tv stand installation or have merely good ol’ crafty cord management, follow instructions carefully during your DIY process. If you’re unsure, don’t go out of your comfort zone and get help instead.

Make set up a breeze

If you’re entirely new to setting up tv or require additional assistance, it’s worthwhile to consider professional experts who can help you out. From picking the right tv wall mounting to tv stand installation services, our personable team at TigerMount is a call away. Simply give our professional consultants a call 9424 6649, or drop us an email at enquiry.tigermount@gmail.com and we would be more than happy to assist!