5 Ways to Mount your Conference Room TV for Maximum Impact

  • November 15, 2020

Every conference room needs a screen for presentation and display purposes, but sometimes, companies opt not to get a projector screen– because the colours are too washed out and the projector screen is too much of a hassle. They choose instead to go for the vibrant and bright colours of a TV screen–and often a large one too!

Here are some ways to install your conference room TV to maximise convenience for its users, and maximise impact for your guests and visitors.

1)  Fixed Mount

A wall-mounted TV screen instantly becomes the centre of attention in any room, and this is no different. Replace your screen at the head of the conference table with a sturdily mounted TV screen front and centre instead. Install your screen on a TV fixed mount.

2)  Tilting Mount

Planning to install your TV screen slightly above eye level? Use a tilting mount to incline your screen so the eye meets it at the optimum angle for maximum visibility. The tilt of your screen will also impress visitors with your attention to detail and ergonomics.

3)  Mobile Gas Strut TV Stand

Some people don’t like to lock themselves into one configuration. If you’re one for flexibility, then having your TV mounted on a mobile TV stand is ideal for you. Shift your TV around as needed to make use of the space and cater to different conference seating configurations. Adjust the height smoothly and easily as needed to cater for sitting and standing audiences with the gas struts.

4)  Ceiling Mount

Already have a projector screen in the main spot, and planning to use the TV for supplementary displays such as a news channel or to monitor stock listings? If your TV is a supplementary screen, you may want to consider a ceiling mount–apart from being a striking and unusual installation for a conference room, it also exudes a sense of professionalism and seriousness.

5)  Single and Double Arm Mounts

If you want to stow your screen away and only take it out when you need it, or if you want to be able to turn your screen to face different corners of the conference room as needed, a single arm mount or double arm mount may be just what you need, depending on the weight and size of the TV you have chosen.

Whatever your chosen conference TV mounting approach, you can approach Tigermount for state of the art TV mounting here in Singapore, with the most comprehensive range of TV mounts in the island for all configurations. We specialise in mounting all shapes and sizes of LED, LCD and plasma screens, and advising on the best mounts to use for your desired space and usage pattern.