6 Easy Tricks To Declutter Your Home & Keep You Organized

  • June 25, 2020

Whether you live by yourself or have little kiddos around the house, it pays off to create a functional and tidy space for your living sanctuary that sparks joy. From vertical storage ideas to mobile tv stands, these space-savvy and (sneaky) tricks hacks to help you declutter the Marie-Kondo way!

Boxes for days

To declutter your home, you don’t need fancy tools. While discarding items is said to be the most natural thing to do when we tidy up, the easiest way to declutter is to create a home for every item. Before you start tossing away those little toiletry samples and tchotchkes lying around the house, binging on storage boxes or baskets are a must. Everything should ideally have a home, and these boxes are a fuss-free trick to section your belongings so that every item has a designated storage spot by the end of the day. Pulling everything out category by category can also reduce the physical space trash tends to take up, so it’s worthwhile reducing your volume as much as you can for the end result.

Have one for tossing items such as empty lip balm tubes, a second for giving things a new life, third for objects which don’t fit into a yes or no pile, fourth for random pieces like your child’s Gameboy left under the bed and last but not least, one for items that need repair.

And just like that, you can examine your clutter better. When everything is strewn all over, you can rest assured streamlining an inventory of items that need a storage solution will be much easier. This way, you can also save yourself from spinning your house into chaos.

Have a landing station

From expired coupons to car keys to tripping over sneakers, areas like entryways and mudrooms are often magnets for clutter. They are the first places you see when you reach home. And before you know it, what started with just keys and a few newspaper piles transform into overwhelming chaos! The backsides of such doors are extremely valuable, so outfitting them with whatever handy storage spaces you’ve got is a handy trick.

When it comes to smart storage, vertical storage ideas are often overlooked. They allow you to separate items by categories, such as hats and keys. With just a little bit of wall space, these versatile over-the-door-storage units can keep all your everyday essentials at the right place and avoid cluttering up counter space. This way, you can rest assured you’ll always find your necessary things at the same spot!

Of course, if wall pockets by the door aren’t your kind of thing, you could opt for a homey, roomy rattan basket on your entry table for mail and magazine storage. For smaller items like keys and loose change, have a ceramic dish so that you can vow to tuck these knickknacks out of sight as soon as you step afoot to your doorstep. No matter how you organize it, you won’t regret doing this.

Create a command centre

It might sound odd, but a message centre can do wonders in a household. A message centre is a perfect place to store mail and bills you can’t tend to right away, leave important reminders and even kickstart weekly to-do list for the little ones. A message centre can be typically made by mounting a board on your wall. While you’re at it, of course, you could add a calendar as well so that everyone stays up to date as to latest happenings and you’ll never miss an appointment the next time a technician pops in for tv installation!

If you do have little tots in the house though, be sure your command centre is mounted arms’ reach for ease of access to your kids as well. It’s also a fun way to encourage such healthy habits early!

Give your essentials a unique home

We’ve all heard of cooking caddies for convenience. The easy-to-carry racks keep your spices at the ready and are easy to stow in a cabinet after everyday cooking. Five cheers for well-maintained kitchens. If you’ve never heard of pull-down racks though, it’s time to consider investing in these holy grails! Ideal for kitchens with limited space, under-cabinet storage racks store small appliances out of sight when not in use, and drop down to open when needed. In other words, they can help you get some items off the counter and free up room for counter space without breaking your kitchen walls. See your cutting tools at a glance while keeping these blade options safe, sharp and damage free – no more pulling every knife from the block! Fret not, and they don’t break your bank either.

If you want to take your kitchen game to a new level, expand the counter with a rolling kitchen cart or consider a magnetic knife storage solution. Not only are they convenient, but they are also out of the way of routine cabinet opening and closing during cooking.

Bag the digital debris

For most of us, our bedroom is a relaxing sanctuary where we feel most relaxed. There is nothing better than collapsing under linens, cooped up in our private wonderland and burn the midnight oil on our computer screens. Between an overflow of cords, a bag of expired Pringles and paper piles, your desk can quickly become a maze making it an uncomfortable environment to work in.

If your room is notorious for harbouring straight-up clutter, reclaim desktop space and invest in desktop monitor mounts does the magic! A monitor mount is a supportive bracket designed to hold up a display screen. Adjustable to fit most flat panel displays, a desktop monitor mount can streamline workplace productivity without encouraging those dreaded clutter piles from forming. Aside from lifting your screen, you’re saving yourself from getting those nasties cricks in your neck!

If you’re a digital doodah who spends two-thirds of your day in front of a computer screen, you can even make the most out of your space like with our dual double monitor mount. It can be pesky to switch back and forth between windows when you’re working on multiple projects all at once. Comparing two or more separate excel sheets has never been easier when placed side by side — not to mention, comfort and productivity without eye fatigue! Trust us on this, they are valuable real estates that are fool-proof in saving counter space from those space-consuming gadgets!

Consider a tv stand

It’s common to get lost when you’re trying to find your tv remote as you winnow out piles of newspapers and old magazines. We’ve all been there before, which is why space optimization in the living room is crucial to keep yourself organized. A tv stand is an age-old secret to have in your living room. Not only do our tv table stands stand the test of time, but they also optimize available space and can be used with almost any tv model. A tv stand conceals those untamed colour cords as well and is a convenient way to keep your living area clutter-free.

Want to take it one step further? Behold, a better way to satisfy your entertainment pleasure, tv stands with wheels. Consider them like a real-time magic carpet that can turn your living sanctuary into a magical retreat. So whether you’re up for a game of football with your little kiddos in the living room or a late-night movie night with your partner, these portable tv mobile stands take you wherever you go. Our lightweight tv mobile stands allow you to adjust, move and swivel your tv to meet your every need so you can speedily move around with minimal effort!

Interior Design For The Soul

A cluttered desk and a cluttered mind go hand in hand. Decluttering smart can be life-saving game-changers when it comes to ridding your home of unnecessary clutter and keeping it organized! If you’ve decided to invest in a desktop monitor, or simply require assistance in installing a tv for your living room, feel free to reach out to our friendly professional consultants at 9424 6649, or drop us an email at enquiry.tigermount@gmail.com to find out more!