6 Reasons Why You Should Be Mounting Your Devices

  • December 5, 2019

Most modern electrical equipment is considerably lighter than it was a decade or so ago. TVs and computer monitors tend to be flat screen and in reality, take up very little space. It means that a TV wall mount and a desktop monitor mount in Singapore are now a genuine option for your home or workplace. There are several reasons why you may want to explore mounting these devices and other electrical equipment. 1. Space Saving The most obvious reason why you should be mounting your electrical appliances is that it saves space. Yes, this is a simple reason, but it is hugely important, especially when you consider the size of rooms along with the size of displays. If you use a desktop monitor mount in Singapore, you will have more room on your desk, meaning that you could opt for a smaller space-saving table that is just large enough for a keyboard and have enough legroom. Most living rooms in Singapore have a flat-screen TV. With TVs frequently being more than 58 inches, this could take up a considerable amount of space in your room if positioned on a TV cabinet, for instance. A TV wall mount will mean that your TV will sit flush against a wall, thus taking up a minimal amount of space and causing less interference with the rest of your lifestyle. 2. Aesthetically Pleasing Perhaps the second most important factor after saving space is that wall-mounted TVs and desktop monitor look better when they are mounted. They give off the impression of a cleaner and tidier workspace or home, which is something that provides most of us a great deal of satisfaction. A less cluttered environment is more relaxing, while affixed electrical devices are relatively easy to clean. 3. Positioned at the Right Height We are all becoming increasingly aware that TVs and desktop monitors should be positioned at the right height, not just for our comfort but also for our health. Ideally, when in a seated pose, your eyes should be naturally focusing on the centre of the screen. If you mount your TV, you can ensure that it is situated at the perfect height and the same would be applicable for a desktop monitor mount. With different types of wall mount available, something we will touch upon later, you can adjust the desktop monitor mount to suit the user. Of course, the same is possible with a TV wall mount. Correct positioning of TVs and monitors can also help with space-saving in your home or workplace. 4. Different Types of TV Mounts These days there are a wide variety of varying wall mounts available for TVs and monitors. The mounts can be adjusted for different users and well as allowing devices to be moved to reduce reflection at different times of the day. Mounts can also help with easy stowage when devices aren’t in use, so have many practical applications. Again, with so many options being available, finding something that suits your needs shouldn’t be too difficult. 5. Safe From Spillages How many of us eat or drink while we are working on our computer or watching TV? The answer is nearly all of us! The next question is how many of us have spilt something on our devices, sending us into a panic? Again, the answer is nearly all of us! With a TV wall mount or desktop monitor mount in Singapore at least they will be safe from spillages. It may seem like something trivial, but it could save you a lot of heartache and stress. Also, it is not unknown for insurers not to payout on this type of damage. 6. Security Although theft may not be a massive problem in Singapore, it never pays to be complacent. If your electrical devices such as your desktop monitor and TV are mounted to a wall, opportunist thieves are highly unlikely to strike. Obviously, it doesn’t eliminate all risk, but it does provide extra peace of mind, especially if you have young children or people staying alone in your property. It certainly won’t be the most significant consideration when you a purchasing a TV wall mount or desktop monitor mount in Singapore, but nevertheless, it is a bonus. Do I Need a TV Mount If any of these points have hit home with you, then you should seriously consider getting your TV mounted! If you’re not sure which type of mount to go with, feel free to contact our Tiger Mount team at 9424 6649, and we look forward to helping you out!