7 Affordable Interior Design Tips to Make Your Home More Luxe

  • July 1, 2019

luxury interior house
There’s this common misconception that luxurious homes cost millions of dollars. Well technically, the ones in Singapore that occupy large spaces of land do, but just because a house is large doesn’t mean that it’s automatically an upscale home. It’s what is on the inside that counts, and in this case, it’s how the house is designed that truly matters. Here are some tips that you can use that’ll elevate the style of even the most plain of abodes.

Create Space

Ever tried those fun houses where they have the Hall of Mirrors? You walk in and you see infinite versions of yourself in the mirrors all around you that stretch for aeons. Well, it’s the same concept that you’re going for here really. It’s all about perception. By placing mirrors in narrow areas of your house it’ll give the illusion that the pathway is wider than it appears to be. A neat little trick that plays with the mind. You could also make space by using some ingenious household hacks. Installing a tv bracket to hang your flat screen on a TV wall mount frees up a crazy amount of space. Not to mention that it’ll look even classier than just leaving your TV sitting on a piece of furniture. You can use that space for something that’ll make your house even more luxe!

Bookshelves Aren’t Just For Books

That’s right, bookshelves aren’t just for books. Now obviously we’ve got to put at least some books on there, but we should have a healthy balance of novelty objects that provide a contrast to your bookshelf. Say you have an open concept asymmetrical bookshelf. Throw some books in there, coupled with maybe a little globe in one cubby hole and some vintage ornament on another level and you’ve got yourself a slick bookshelf that’s bound to get heads turning and conversations going.

Throw in a Rug or Two

Rugs can either make or break your room, not going to lie. It’s a slippery slope when shopping for them. One minute you’re looking at the finest Persian rugs and the next you’re looking at some gaudy rug from the back. Choose a rug that fits the colour palette that you’ve chosen for your home and one that’s not too big, not too small, that fits snugly within the confines of your room. Nothing says classy like a rug in a room.

Don’t be Afraid of Colour

There are two sides to this. One would be to go for neutral colours like beige or wood if you’re going for the whole minimalist theme. The other would be going for deep, rich colours like midnight blue or ruby red that really gives your home that extra oomph. Alternatively, if you’re really sure of what you’re doing you could do a cross between both. But if you’re brave enough to do this do make sure you plan it out and be clear visually how it’ll look like. A little pop of colour amongst the neutral tones in your home can really make that part of your house stand out more if done correctly. Throw in a little gold and silver for your home accessories and you’ve got yourself some major house clout. Cohesiveness is the name of the game It’s no use throwing all sorts of assorted furniture and household accessories together and praying that it goes together. You’ve got to be really methodical about designing your house. What’s the look you’re going for? The theme, colour palette, everything plays a part. If you’re going for a more upscale look, all the more you’ve got to plan. How do you take common items and place/pair them in such a way that it all fits seamlessly together?

Let There be Light

Lighting is wonderful because it gives your home that sense of warmth. It just gives that homely feel. Achieve this by opting for full-length windows where possible that’ll give you the feeling that your home is one with nature. Most luxury houses also have subtle warm LED lights in places you’d never think of, like in your shoe cabinet or under mirrors that provide an added dimension you’d never know otherwise.

Clear Your Space

Last but not least, make cleaning one of the top priorities! No one will say that a dirty house is luxurious, no matter how expensive the pieces in that house are. Invest the time to make everything spick and span, and your return on that will be tenfold. Now we may not be able to help with interior design, but we’d definitely be able to help install your TV wall mounts and TV brackets for your flat screens. Give us a call at +65 9424 6649 to save time on getting your TV professionally mounted, so that you put your time to better use by creating your dream home.