7 TV Brackets Installation Mistakes to Avoid

  • February 25, 2022

TV brackets can be tricky to install. It’s not just a matter of following the instructions. We have compiled a list of common mistakes that a novice would make. Be sure to read and research before you even purchase them.

1. Picking the right location

The place where you install your TV bracket makes a huge difference to how you experience it and how long it’ll last. Don’t underestimate the amount of sun exposure at various times of day, or even light exposure, to the viewing distance, and angle, many factors must be considered. Once you mount a TV, it’s pretty much set in stone. Your favorite show would not be enjoyable if you had to squint every time. First things first: pick the right location.

2. Preparation before installation

The foundation stage is very important. It’s where you gather the manpower and information you’ll need to perform this task. We suggest you consult a professional for a more insightful view if you’re not confident to install TV brackets yourself. Unless you wish for your investment to crumble into pieces, plan the process and the tools you will be using. Screwdrivers, drills, a spirit level, and tape measuring might not be readily available. You might want to consider acquiring them before you start installing. Check your walls! Not all TV can securely hang on old drywall. Based on how your wall is constructed, you may need a stud.

3. Choosing the right type of TV bracket

Getting the right bracket first is critical! Different brackets are made for different TV sizes, weights, and purposes. Select the brackets that are best suited to our TV specifications. Ask yourself these critical questions:
  • The following should also be taken into account: where will your ports be situated?
  • Can you access them with the bracket you choose? and so on.
The last thing you want to do is pull your TV down or go looking for an outlet from beneath it! We provide a comprehensive range of TV brackets to fit all TV sizes and purposes here at Tiger mount. A few clicks away, we have many types of products to meet your needs. From the traditional TV table stand to the fixed mount, to the tilted mount, to the ceiling mount, we have it all.

4. Essential wire management

The key to a more aesthetic (and safe) setup is the management of the wires. The TV and plug-in would be surrounded by many wires. You would need to plan where you would place the cord strategically. Cable sleeves and laneways, for example, may be required to bundle the wires in an organized manner.

5. Wrong TV bracket installation

It is most often incorrect installation practices that lead to TVs falling over and breaking. Not reading the instruction guide is one cause, as is not using the drywall method or studs when installing. When your television breaks, it’ll cost you even more to repair the damages. If you are not confident to install it on your own, our professionals will install it for you in 30 minutes.

6. Not adding more cables for future use.

You should “fish” enough HDMI portholes for future use now when you have this opportunity. It is way cheaper and more time-efficient to do it during these early stages as you already have the holes in the wall. In the case that you want a game console, all the hardware is already installed!

7. Do-It-Yourself installing TV bracket.

Installing a TV bracket and the TV is not a one-person task. A partner will need to help you hold the bracket, keep it level, and follow the instructions. Do not hesitate to seek professional assistance if you are uncertain or do not have the expertise and manpower to do so. Our staff is always ready to help you through the whole process. Even though putting it up alone can take a while, we’ll get it done within 30 minutes. Among the leading TV bracket installers in Singapore, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience and quality of work. Take a look at our range of TV brackets to see which one suits you best. Reach out to our sales representatives to find out more.