About TV Bracket Installation And Things To Note

  • December 4, 2016

TV brackets are needed when mounting a TV on a wall or ceiling. They have increased in demand over the years, especially in Singapore, as people consider a more compact design for their homes. The tremendous saving in room space is another factor that makes people desire TV wall brackets more than ever. The advancement in TV bracket technology has also advanced over the years and made it possible to attach them to the ceiling. Mounting the television on the ceiling offers a different viewing perspective and gives a chic look to the home. It makes the room look stylish and more spacious. The space on the walls can be reserved for other items, such as paintings, decorations and book shelves.

Install TV bracket

To install a TV bracket on the ceiling is fairly simple. It is similar to a wall installation. A ceiling bracket and the hardware needed to mount the TV are inexpensive. The tools needed to install the brackets are basically the same; that is, drill, screwdrivers, stud finder, wire and cable finders, nut and bolt wrenches and a level. Since the television will hang from extendable arms, it might not be critical to have an even and straight TV bracket. However, for aesthetic purposes it will make the room look neat and orderly if the TV bracket appears even and straight. You need a joist or beam to screw the TV brackets onto firmly and securely. It is not advisable to screw the brackets on the ceiling panels as they might give way from the weight of the television. Your main concern should be attaching the brackets to the ceiling as it might not be strong enough to hold the weight and size of the TV. The TV wall brackets are strong and will hold the television. You should consider carefully the position and height of the ceiling brackets. The other electronic equipment, like the DVD and games console should be at a proper height from where you can reach them and the wires reach the TV.

Some things to note

Once the mounting position is decided, you should fit the bracket firmly to the ceiling. Make sure there are no wires and cables behind the ceiling panel that might be damaged when you drill the holes for the bracket. The screws on the bracket should be in the center of the joists or beams for maximum security. Although installation is simple and straight-forward, it is advisable to have at least two other people present to help you lift the television and mount it on the brackets. They can hold the television in place while you bolt the plates behind the television onto the bracket. This will ensure the TV will not slip from your grasp while you are mounting the television on the TV brackets. Once the television is properly mounted and the wiring set in place, you can switch on the TV and view it from different angles, thereby enjoying a whole new experience in watching TV. Be sure and select the sleek TV brackets to transform the look and the ambiance in the home. If you are unfamiliar with installing ceiling brackets, you had best call in some professionals to do the job for you. They can help you select a good spot and ensure the connections are secured firmly in place.