The art in interior house decoration

  • May 19, 2019

brightly lit room with bed and television
dark minimally decorated room with mounted television The saying art is in the eye of the beholder is no ordinary saying. Even twins that were born from the same womb would have different responses when questioned about the beauty of a particular object. Indeed, it is true that you can know a lot of important things about an individual who is completely a stranger to you if you get the chance to examine the way they view art. The Art of each and everyone in the world differ based on their taste, while some might prefer a powerful standing fan blowing breeze in their living room, another set of people might prefer a ceiling fan while others might want an air conditioner set (A.C.) and some might even decide they do not need it. Art is the personal identity we pass and project into our space; it is the story and feelings we access when we were setting up each and every item. The undeniable importance of how we organize our home cannot be overemphasized. Choosing the right layout and accessories in the home can be a very daunting task. We would be providing tips on setting out just right. Interior house design and decoration I would like to run through this. The interior design of a house simply refers to the set-up and layout of a room in a house. The interior design is what makes the room unique. For instance, you can’t expect to find a full motion TV bracket in the kitchen, would you? No of course not! Interior house decorations, on the other hand, refer to the items that make up the interior design ranging from lamp post to table mat to sofa cushion up to the wall designs. Interior decorating and the art in it Interior decorating simply put is the Art itself. Interior decorating is the process of systematically arranging the interior space of your home into something pleasing to the eyes while also serving the occupants of the house at full capacity. Exterior decorating is an entirely different art on its own and should not be mixed with interior decorating even though they take almost the same procedures. Interior decorating as stated before is an art and one of the things about art is how well you manage the space you have to project your images. I mean you should not think of buying a TV glass stand in your small apartment when you can get a full motion TV bracket for your Television. Art is also about being able to differentiate between original and fake. For example, you can get a TV bracket for your living room design from a lot of dealers. One very credible one is Tiger Mount (Singapore) – a company who specializes in the sale and installation of TV wall mounts. 1. Positioning This refers to how and where you want to place each gadget and item in the space you are working with. It is always important to use as little space as possible when setting up your layout. It is also essential that you get value for your money when buying the decorations for your home. 2. Love it The important thing about art is getting anyone to actually fall in love with your taste. After setting up your layout and putting each item in the right position, it is expected for you to actually love your work. Nobody would appreciate your taste if you can’t fall in love with it yourself In case of such a scenario, you can always get experts to do the installation or design for you, at an affordable price. 3. Re-arrange Art is about being dynamic, you have to flow with trends. You are not obligated to keep the design you made when you just moved into the apartment all year. Test yourself by re-arranging, surprise your friend and families the next time they visit you. Even if you employ professionals to set up a design for your home, you still have the power to decide where exactly you want a piece to be positioned.   Art is all about your imagination. It is not always perfect as it depends on the art point of view of the person viewing it so while you may think you have the best design for your space, it isn’t always true.