Benefits Of Desktop Monitor Mounts To Users

  • May 19, 2017

If you have been using a computer monitor – at home or at work, you should install a desktop monitor mount as there are many advantages of getting one. Below are some of the reasons why you should buy and get it installed.

A desktop monitor mount has an ergonomic design concept

Easily adjustable (height, depth and angles of the monitor), having a desktop monitor mount enables users to sit in front of a monitor comfortably and relax your body. In case you might not know, you should have your computer monitor approximately an arm’s length away from your eyes, with the top of the monitor tilted slightly away from you. Users should not look up or down to face the computer monitor, otherwise it is easy to have sore eye, shoulder or neck pain. In addition to that, fixing your monitor in a desktop monitor mount helps avoiding poor posture too.

 Adjust and swivel your monitor in any way you prefer

Desktop monitor mounts offer versatility to users. It allows users to easily switch the monitor from landscape to portrait mode or to quickly adjust dual monitors from a side-by-side configuration to stacked one over the other. Desktop monitor mounts have an adjustable height standing desk that enables users to use them for optimal viewing position for either standing or sitting. Desktop monitor mounts also enable users to customize their workstation and working style. It has full motions flexibility with all directional effortless adjustment without needing any tool to adjust it.

Save more spaces with a desktop monitor mount

A desktop monitor mount clears up the clutter, frees up your desk or work space as it is hanged up and off the desk. At Tiger Mount, our monitor arm is constructed in aluminum alloy material with plastic appearance. The mount comes with a nice looking integrated cable management that provides clean, neat and clutter-free look. The desktop mount can be installed at the table edge or grommet installation anywhere of your worktable. The compact and retractable design increases your work space too. It is a perfect office accessory that enable to swivel horizontally 180°+ for sharing information with your nearby colleagues or rotate 90° for showing upside down images.