The Best Benefits Of A Desktop Monitor Mount

  • December 5, 2017

TV Bracket Desktop Mount
It is common knowledge that sitting for a prolonged period may kill you. Majority of the health issues faced by the working class can be caused by being seated for hours in front of the computer. These people often suffer from neck soreness, wrist strain, leg cramps, back stiffness, and shoulder tenderness because of sitting for a long period of time. It is not also a good thing for women to be standing on their feet for hours especially when they wear high heels.

The best thing to do is to alternate sitting and standing. This can be done with the help of a desktop monitor mount in Singapore. Research has also proven that for a person who stands and sits alternately tend to have a higher quality of life. Switching between standing and sitting has its own health benefits not to mention that it enhances a person’s productivity. There are some people who like to sit while others like to stand. To be able to achieve a healthy and ergonomic lifestyle at work, it is required to alternate between the two.

What the Adjustable Desktop Monitor Mount Can Do

You will need an adjustable desktop stand when you like to avoid sitting for a long time and you don’t like to let go of your current desk due to its drawers and filings. This adjustable desktop monitor stand usually has the counterbalance mechanism that enables the user to sit or stand alternately.

This adjustable monitor mount can be attached to your desk and its height is highly adjustable. The solid base and the highly adjustable height monitor mount enables you to adjust the height of your monitor. If ever you like to stand to fight off the food coma or the 3 o’clock slump, you can simply adjust the monitor’s elevation to cater to your preferred height.

For Presentations

It is also very useful to have adjustable monitor mounts during presentations. It is easy for you to elevate the monitor’s height for everyone to see the monitor screen clearly. You can easily descend the monitor back to its eye level position ready for you to sit in front of it.