Which is the Best TV Wall Mount to Buy?

  • October 25, 2019

Which is the Best TV Wall Mount to Buy
It is suggested that the population of Singapore would be around 6.9 million by the year 2030. Now, obviously, that’s just a projection and is subjected to unforeseen circumstances that’ll happen in the coming years. But, the matter is that due to the exploding population housing units are getting smaller and smaller. The smaller house needs space-saving techniques to manage the things inside the house. One of these could be your TV, which needs a lot of space but you can use wall mounts for efficiently utilizing the space. You’ll be freeing up a lot of space by mounting your TV on the wall. In these smaller homes, you cannot afford to waste any space which is why you need the wall mount for your TV. You could store so many things in place of the TV and the wall mount will give it a pleasing and modern look to your house. But the question is, which TV wall mount bracket in Singapore is best for you. Well, there is no straight answer to this, it depends on many factors which we will cover in this article. By the end of the article, you’ll get the perfect TV wall mount for you. Let’s look at which is the best mount for your house. The Low Profile Wall Mounts These low profile wall mounts are used to keep your TV as close to the wall as possible. These types of wall mounts would suit someone who has a specific spot in mind. You can hand your brand new TV to a specific place on your Wall. It is one of the most basic wall mounts you can get on the market. But, sometimes, you may not have access to the I/O on the TV because the clearance is very less in these types of mounts. Tilting Wall Mounts The tilting wall mount also comes in this category also. Which can a great option for watching the TV mounted high on the wall while you are lying in the comfort of your couch? The tilting mount will benefit you in so many ways because you’ll get the ideal viewing angles from your perspective. Full Motion Mounts The full motion wall mount gives you the ability to adjust your TV according to your comfort. You can pull the TV from the wall anytime in any direction. The full motion wall mounts let you swivel the TV in any direction. You can either pull it towards you or in a given direction. This type of wall mount is great for people who are looking to hide a few things behind the TV. Or you can swivel in your direction to where you are sitting. Overall this type of wall mount is the best for aesthetic functional purpose. The Ceiling Mounts The ceiling mounts can be mounted to your ceiling, saving the space even on your wall. Most often than not the ceiling doesn’t have anything attached to it and you can fully utilize every inch of your house if you use this of the mount in your home. The length of the mount can vary according to your use and it has a tilt angle for you to watch the TV from the best viewing angle. And it has the capacity to handle the big TVs as well, you can hang the TVs from 32” to 70”. All these wall mounts are best suited for anyone’s house but you have to determine which one would suit you best. For us it the full motion wall mount is the best option for the people in Singapore. Because the space is very limited and you need to be at your best to make sure that every inch of your home is being utilized to the fullest. The full motion wall mount gives you the opportunity to make some extra room behind the TV to keep some important stuff. There are two types of full-motion mounts which can be availed in the Singapore market. Get the best TV installation in Singapore when you choose the full motion wall mount. TV Mount Singapore Coming home and chilling out in front of the television should be something we all look forward to. So to learn more about mounting your TV, or installing a tv bracket, contact our team today at 9424 6649!