Enjoy TV Better When You Install A Full Motion TV Bracket

  • July 28, 2017

TV Wall Mount Brackets in Singapore

Overcoming inconvenience during TV time

One of the most heard of complaints regarding watching TV is that the TV is not adjustable. Once you are out of the area, you can no longer view the TV screen. The immobility of a TV can be overcome by using mobile smart phones but is there anything like watching TV? Nope! We, at Tiger Mount have the perfect solution for this problem. All you need is a full motion TV bracket and you are good to go. You can adjust the TV to where you are and you would not miss anything.

About Tiger Mount

We provide TV wall mounting services of all LCD/LED and plasma TVs in Singapore. We also provide highly professional installation services for the TV mounts as well consultation services for those who need expert advice regarding TV mounts. We are fast and efficient. We take pride in providing dust-free services to our clients. We are one of the highly sought after providers of full motion TV bracket in Singapore. Apart from full motion TV bracket, we also provide many other types of TV wall mounts such as Fixed Mount, Tilting Mount, Single Arm, Double Arm, Ceiling Mount, TV Mobile Stand, Gas Strut TV Mount, and Desktop Monitor Mount.

Client Testimonials

As one of the highly sought after providers of full motion TV bracket in Singapore, we are extremely satisfied when our clients appreciates our good work as below. ‘Very pleasant transaction and good service by them. Came on time as promised, professional installing and fixing bracket without any dust while drilling. Overall satisfied with them. Don’t hesitate to engage their service. Good job, keep it up!’- Khal Kite. ‘Called them today and in like an hour they were at my place because as luck has it they were in the area. Very nice people, secured my TV well and fact!! Thank you for your efficiency.’- Jen Wang. ‘Fast response and very quick mounting done!’- Douglas Yew.

Choose us!

For a more flexible TV time, you definitely need our high quality full motion TV bracket. As the leading providers of full motion TV bracket in Singapore, we aim to give our best to our clients.