Buying the right TV wall mount in a Singaporean Home

  • April 15, 2019

television mounted in bedroom
wall mounted television in master bedroom One unspoken fact that is true and is accepted all over the world is the need to conserve space. With more and more home decors being made, the need to fit them all into the tiny space we own becomes crucial. One of the few ways of creating more space in your house is by neglecting the traditional TV shelves and stand for mounts that fit easily on the wall. The latest generation of Television sets being made affords people the opportunity of using mounts as they can easily fit and sit well on the wall of your house; this has helped save a lot of space that was previously occupied by the almost out of trend big belly Televisions and the stand or shelves they are placed on. The importance of these mounts all over the world then cannot but be appreciated; Singaporeans are also not left out of this new trend of getting a TV wall mount for their home. If you are reading this, it means you are either a Singaporean who wants to leave the traditional giant bellied TVs for the new high definition TV sets or you need help on choosing the right TV wall mount for your home. Either way, this study plans on making sure you get value for your money when purchasing a TV wall mount. 1. Buy from credible dealers Nothing sucks more than overpaying for a low-quality product and nothing can get you feeling happier than getting value for your money. As a Singaporean, there are a number of credible outlets you can get your wall mounts from. One very noteworthy of mention is “Tiger Mount”. Tiger Mount is based in Singapore and offers its services to the citizens of the country. Over the years, it has improved and worked on delivering only the best to anyone ready to pay for their services. They are experts when it comes to delivering top quality mounts at affordable price. Furthermore, they also offer excellent efficiently done installation for this mounts while also providing free consultations for Singaporeans who are a little confused on the kind of TV or mount to get for their home. I believe getting your mounts through them will give you more satisfaction and joy when you are done with their service. You can also order your mounts from credible online retail stores like Amazon although it comes with its risks 2. Consider your TV specs It is important that you get a mount that is exactly a tight fit for your Television. All wall mounts are made for a specific type and size of the TV. The best way to avoid red-faced moments when you are watching your TV and your mount is ripped off the wall because your Television set is too much for the mount to handle is by ensuring you get the right wall mount for it. If you are confused as to what to do here, you can either consult the manufacturers of your flat screen Tv set and ask for the specifications or ask the outlet you are trying to buy your mount from the best mount for your TV. This is where it is important to consider buying from experienced dealers. 3. Price The price of the mount actually changes a lot of things. For instance, how expensive a moveable swirling mount is can make you choose to buy a stationary mount with no movement capabilities; how much the Television set you want to mount on the wall mount also dictates how much quality you are willing to have in a wall mount. The basic idea here is to buy the mount that would serve you well. There are different types of mounts each with its own specific and special functions. For example; a wall mount with arms will ensure the back of your TV is not scratched during the course of its use as the arm moves the Television set inches away from the wall; Ceiling mounts are especially important if you do not have space on your wall to mount the TV; Mobile TV mount stands that can be moved from one place to another is another potential alternative if you are not comfortable with hanging your expensive new TV set on the wall etc.