The Types of TV Brackets You Should Know About

The Types of TV Brackets You Should Know About

October 15, 2019

Buying a bracket is as challenging as buying a TV, you need to be aware of all the facts and properties of that particular mount. Singapore is a consumer-driven market and many of the things available in Singapore is influenced by the choices of people. The manufactures make sure that their customers have the best […]

6 Reasons Why You Should Buy A TV Stand

6 Reasons Why You Should Buy A TV Stand

October 5, 2019

We think a lot when it comes to buying a new TV. Especially in Singapore, people research a lot to make sure that they have to perfect TV for your drawing room or bedroom. As Singaporean, we love our TVs with an average of 5 hours per day watching. And, like the rest of us, […]

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Here’s What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Full Motion TV Mount

September 30, 2019

  A full-motion TV wall mount in Singapore is a necessity for many homes. Having a full-motion TV bracket means that you can adjust your TV to where you are sitting, the number of people in the room or even the time of day. To put it simply, they provide flexibility and simplicity, things that […]

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5 Things to Consider When Installing Your TV Bracket

September 22, 2019

  In the past, televisions used to be cumbersome and take up a lot of space in your HDB flat or condo–and we all know what a struggle it is to save space in these situations! But TVs have always been a huge part of our lives and is so important when you’re entertaining guests […]

How to Pick a TV Stand To Suit Your Lifestyle Needs

September 10, 2019

  TVs are an integral part of most people’s lives in Singapore. The TV is often the focal point within most of our living rooms, so finding an appropriate TV stand in Singapore is vital. The range of options available has increased significantly in recent years and has vastly changed from the bulky wooden cabinets […]

Desktop Monitor Mount Singapore

6 Good Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Desktop Monitor Mount

August 12, 2019

If you need a compelling reason to invest in a desktop monitor mount then the first one that follows should be good enough. But a famous motivator once said having more good reasons is better and so we’ve have included 5 others as well. Saving Your Neck And Eyes  This must be the most obvious […]

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3 Benefits Of Switching To A Full Motion TV Wall Mount

August 8, 2019

The Shakespearean writer, William, famously wrote in one of his plays a line that left many readers gasping in awe. He wrote — “to mount or not to mount, that is the question…”. Alright, he didn’t. For those who are familiar with his works he actually wrote to “to be or not to be”. But […]

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Should I get a Single Arm or Double Arm Full Motion TV Mount?

August 3, 2019

Deciding between a single arm and a double arm full motion TV mount is actually a relatively simple task. But first, let’s get down to some fundamentals behind the TV wall mount and see the bigger picture (no pun intended). Point Of View  A full-motion TV mount offers you a wide range of movements such […]

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TV Stands vs TV Mounts in Singapore: Which One is better for your home?

July 1, 2019

TVs are sort of a staple in the average Singaporean home. Be it HDBs, condominiums, bungalows or mansions, the one thing in common you’d find in each housing unit is a television. TVs can be found everywhere. TVs on tables, TVs mounted on walls, even TVs mounted on stands. Say you’re deciding between getting a […]

A Guide to TV Wall Mount Installation in Singapore

If you’ve come across this guide, we’re assuming that you’re looking to mount your TV on the walls of your home by yourself. We see that you’re also quite the hands-on type, wanting to DIY this yourself, and that in itself is admirable so hats off to you. We’re not going to lie, it’s not […]

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