hdb buildings

3 Ways to Make Your HDB Feel Huge

June 20, 2019

You might have realised that these days, HDB flats are starting to get smaller and smaller, especially if you’ve just asked your significant other to BTO Ai Mai? But just because our spaces are getting smaller, it doesn’t mean we have to give up on our spacious apartment goals. There are tons of ways to […]

family watching a wall mounted television

What kind of TV Wall Mount Should I Get?

June 16, 2019

According to the infamous White Paper on Population in 2013, the Singapore government projected that by 2030, there would be a whopping 6.9 million people squeezed into our tiny island. Now obviously that’s just a projection and is subjected to unforeseen externalities that’ll pop up in next decade or so, but it is a matter […]

businesswoman analyzing graphs on multiple screens

More Monitors, More Fun, More Work Done

June 12, 2019

As Andy Warhol once said, “One is company, two’s a crowd and three’s a party.” Having an extra monitor is like finding a bonus onion ring amongst your fries, slotting your key directly into your lock on the first try, scooping that perfect first scoop from a jar of peanut butter. It just makes you […]

TV wall bracket

Best full motion TV bracket to buy

May 23, 2019

Buying a TV wall mount can be a very complicated task; partly because you have spent a lot on your High Definition flat screen TV that learning you have to buy a wall mount for the TV suddenly becomes unbearable and absurd, partly also because you want to give the layout of wherever you want […]

brightly lit room with bed and television

The art in interior house decoration

May 19, 2019

The saying art is in the eye of the beholder is no ordinary saying. Even twins that were born from the same womb would have different responses when questioned about the beauty of a particular object. Indeed, it is true that you can know a lot of important things about an individual who is completely […]

woman watching netflix on mounted television

Everything to know about streaming services in Singapore

May 11, 2019

With many homes and the country at large switching away from cable since the arrival of online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, etc. to enjoy more contents without having to worry about setting apart money to pay for the subscriptions that come with using cable. Thanks to the arrival of the […]

desktop accessories

Computer accessories and their importance

April 19, 2019

  There is hardly anyone who hasn’t been in contact with a computer at one point or the other; even if it was merely looking at it without physically coming in contact with, it is safe to say no one can argue he or she does not have an idea what a computer means. When […]

television mounted in bedroom

Buying the right TV wall mount in a Singaporean Home

April 15, 2019

One unspoken fact that is true and is accepted all over the world is the need to conserve space. With more and more home decors being made, the need to fit them all into the tiny space we own becomes crucial. One of the few ways of creating more space in your house is by […]

tiger mount television wall mount

Benefits of using a wall mount: Singapore as a case Sstudy

April 8, 2019

TV wall mounts were originally made as décor for making the house more fashionable but now it is safe to say they have evolved into much more. It is now part of the art of interior decorating and design. In Singapore, more and more households are giving more preference to TV wall mounts because of […]

Picking The Best Wall Mount For Your Needs

Picking The Best Wall Mount For Your Needs

March 28, 2019

Picking The Best Wall Mount For Your Needs People spend time to find the best of what is available in the market when they are making a purchase, and even wall mounts for your television is no different. What seems like a pretty trivial decision to make can actually be more complicated than you think. […]