5 Mistakes To Avoid When Mounting Your TV

June 5, 2020

It is no surprise that most of us revel in excitement the minute a new television sets afoot at our doorstep. Wall mounting is a smart way to optimise tv viewing, with the perfect pitch and the ultimate angle. TV wall mounting is generally an easy and quick process. Still, it can get overwhelming at […]

6 Creative Ideas to Improve Home and Office Desktop Decor in Singapore

May 25, 2020

It is an unquestionable reality that most Singaporeans spend a large part of their days sitting at a desk in front of a computer. Whether you’re struggling to get through your daily 9-5 office job or simply a fan of gaming for long hours on end, decorating your desk will create a more productive and […]

3 Ways to Increase Storage Space in Your Home

May 15, 2020

Be it to organise space or maximise storage room at home, Singaporeans are always looking for new ways to improve the aesthetics and functionality of their home. This is especially challenging for young homeowners in Singapore as houses are becoming smaller and smaller! From tips on how to fully utilise your space and furniture, to […]

4 Tips on How to Improve Your Home Interior Design in Singapore

May 5, 2020

Interior design is the heart and soul of any room. It is the art of sculpting the interior of a building to create a healthier, more conducive, and aesthetically pleasing environment, depending on the purpose of the space is used for. For example, a simple decision regarding the method of TV Installation — a Full […]

5 SME Budget-friendly Upgrades To Improve Your Office in Singapore

April 25, 2020

Renovating an office can be extremely costly for SMEs in Singapore, especially if you’re a bootstrapped business that’s tight on finances. However, the ambience of your office can make a difference not only on your employees’ productivity but also your brand’s image when clients find you at your office. Imagine the impression they’ll get when […]

tv installation for business

4 TV Installation Ideas in Singapore For Business Spaces

April 15, 2020

If you’re running a business in Singapore, you’d understand the importance of having a TV in your space. Whether it’s to facilitate discussions for your team projects with a TV mobile stand or to screen infomercials for your customers at a restaurant, we round up TV stand installation ideas for 4 business types to give […]

TV mounted in a modern minimal living room

Is TV Wall Mounting Expensive? Cost of Installing a TV in Singapore

April 5, 2020

Minimalistic-looking, space-saving, and clutter-free. That’s the magic of a wall-mounted TV for your living space! For many homeowners, one of the biggest concerns would be the cost of TV installation in Singapore. Due to the specialised nature of the task, we tend to think that services for TV installation in Singapore would be exorbitant. However, […]

family watching a wall mounted television

3 Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas for Singaporean Couples

March 25, 2020

In every long-term relationship, it takes effort from both sides to keep the feelings of romance alive. Especially with hectic work commitments and maybe even kids in the picture, it’s almost impossible to schedule a fancy date night dinner and movie. Besides, racking up $100 or more for a meal doesn’t seem very practical for […]

family watching a wall mounted television

How to Hide Your Wall-Mounted TV’s Unsightly Cords

March 15, 2020

Mounting a TV on the wall brings many benefits for homeowners in Singapore — from saving valuable space to adjusting the best viewing height and position. However, the thought of messy unsightly cables often deters many from installing a wall-mounted TV or at least become hesitant towards getting a tv wall mount bracket. In this […]

businesswoman analyzing graphs on multiple screens

3 Ways to Improve Employee Productivity In 2020

March 5, 2020

With productivity being highlighted as a key workplace topic for 2020 in Singapore, the conversation of investing in technology and equipment is often mentioned as a way to improve efficiency and a business’s competitiveness. While it should be a business priority to improve the technical infrastructure of your operations to maximise profits, the welfare of […]

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