Choosing The Right TV Bracket

  • January 27, 2018

tv bracket singapore
So you just bought a brand new flat screen TV. One more thing you notice is that the rate for the TV bracket is that high. But the problem is how you would be able to figure out which TV bracket in Singapore would be best for you. You’re lucky that you were able to find online information about what bracket is perfect for your needs. The following are some best tips for you to choose the right TV bracket: The Size First of all you have to look for a TV bracket that can accommodate the size of your TV. It’s true that there are many sizes of TV brackets but not all of them fit. Most people think that there is such a thing as a universal bracket intended for all flat screen TVs. Even if a TV bracket is considered universal, it still comes with a size range. There are non-universal brackets whose sizes range from 15-23, 26-32 and 37-65 in inches. There are also smaller brackets that are about 10 inches. Ways to Search for the TV Bracket When you look for a site to search for brackets, it’s better to find one that allows you to look for the right TV bracket in four ways. These are the screen size, VESA size, TV brand, and model number. This allows you the chance to check on the different brackets for you to figure out if you are on the right track. When you do a brand search, you will find all size ranges. When you search only by size, you’ll encounter a lot of brand brackets mixed with the model you have yet it should be at the right size. Choice of Bracket Type There are also various types of TV brackets that you can choose from. The first kind of bracket is the flat mount. The flat mount comes in two varieties: the X type with screw holes and the one with the square panel with four screw holes. This type of brackets only works if your TV is at the same level as your furniture. There are also swivel mount that give you more freedom and flexibility in your TV viewing.