Computer accessories and their importance

  • April 19, 2019

desktop accessories
lapotp accessories scattered around laptop   There is hardly anyone who hasn’t been in contact with a computer at one point or the other; even if it was merely looking at it without physically coming in contact with, it is safe to say no one can argue he or she does not have an idea what a computer means. When computers were first developed and made, they were made with less advanced materials and parts, the end result of the tech available at that time was giant, big very heavy ugly looking computers that could not do more than a few operations. Fast forward over ten (10) years later and more advances have been made; now we have very slick ultra slim light personal computers we call laptops and flat screen desktop computers with advanced CPU that can do tons of operations, multi-task successfully that it takes a lot of concentration and hard work for us to successfully manage our computer system. As is common with every new development in the tech industry, fashion continues to integrate itself to almost anything that is trending in our society. This has led to the development of various accessories that are either just for fashion or that serves specific functions when interacting with a computer Computer Accessories are those devices or items that are added to a computer system and perform a specific special function the computer cannot do but are really not required for the computer to work i.e. they bring additional features to the computer but can actually be ignored if the means to put it together with the computer isn’t available. Examples of these accessories include Printers – to get hard copy form of documents that were typed and stored on the computer, Joystick – mostly used for playing games, Microphone – everyone knows what a microphone does, external speakers – the use of speakers is very pretty obvious, projector machines, gamepad – for playing games of course, desktop mounts – that gives a computer user the ability of deciding how the height of the monitor will be like so that even when he or she is standing up, he can still work on the computer and see what he or she is doing on the monitor with ease, light pen, webcam device – to take selfie snapshots on the computer system and a host of accessories. This article discusses the functions and needs to use very few of these accessories. Microphone The microphone is a very useful gadget when it comes to computer accessories and one of the reasons is because of its function. A microphone allows a computer user to send audio straight into their computer. This comes in handy if a computer user is making a video using the webcam device on the computer as it allows the user to add audio to the video recording. It is also useful in gaming as some games allow voice interaction with the game. There is some software that comes with Voice recognition ability, the microphone makes all this possible and lots more. Printer The printer plays an important part in the availability of processed hard copy information that is available for people’s use. Without the printer to print out the stored documents on the computer, we would only have been able to use soft copy documents. Joystick   Joysticks function primarily to ease the use of a computer, it is strictly used for gaming. There is a specific genre of gaming it is used for and it usually involves simulations and a lot of turning. The joystick makes it easier to play this type of game Mounts for computer Mounts are getting pretty popular in households. Desktop mounts as discussed earlier increases the flexibility of a desktop computer. It makes it easier to complete tasks on the computer without any incurred stress. With the Desktop mount, you can easily change the view of your monitor from landscape to portrait view which is useful if the presentation is required using the computer. There are many reputable dealers that supply these mounts. Some of them include Amazon, Tiger Mount (Singapore), eBay and lots more. Gamepad This refers to any handheld a device that gives users the power to control characters in a game on the computer without using the computer’s input devices