Desktop monitor mount in Singapore homes – 3 considerations to know before installation

  • October 25, 2020

Desktop Mount

It’s time to switch up your work from home station! Working from home is the new norm that has caused us to invest in work equipment and tools so as to bring meaning to the word ‘comfort’ — especially if you’re one that slogs at your computer screen all day.

That’s why now is the best time to get a desktop monitor mount for your work home station. A desktop monitor mount is a supportive bracket or arm designed to hold up a computer monitor, laptop, notebook or another display screen.

If you’re not sure where to start, fret not, in this article, we will be sharing 3 considerations to take note of when installing a desktop monitor mount at home.

  1. Is a desktop monitor mount worth it?

Working at the computer for hours can cause your eyes to tire by the end of the day. Without proper care, it can lead to blurred vision, which is bad for your eyesight. A desktop monitor mount allows you to be working at a comfortable working posture and provides relief for the eyes. A desktop monitor’s arms help to position your monitor screen at a comfortable height, angle, and distance so as to prevent straining of your eyes. This will in turn contribute to greater productivity and wellness.

  1. Consider the number of monitors you will be mounting

If you’re one that can’t seem to work with just one screen, you can purchase multiple single desktop monitor mounts. You can even consider purchasing those with multiple arms to support more than one monitor. Monitor arms can be either free-standing, or can be mounted directly to your desk. For a single post mounting system to be added to your desk, a clamp mount is used. A clamp attaches to the outside edge of your work surface.

  1. Does your desk have a wire hole?

Before purchasing a desktop monitor mount, you will need to identify if your desk has a wire hole. If there’s space on the edge of the table to mount the desktop monitor mount, you will still be able to hide the wires as they are not aesthetically pleasing.

Consider the amount of space on the edge of the table that you have so as to consider the specifications and sizes of the desktop monitor mount.

Mounting your desktop monitor in Singapore will definitely be easier with the wide variety of products that Tiger Mount offers. You can pick the product that supports and elevates your unique working style the most.

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