A Desktop Monitor Mount Is The Thing You Never Knew You Needed

  • October 9, 2018

A Desktop Monitor Mount is the thing you never knew you needed
As most people would know, a desktop is an extremely powerful and efficient tool and can be found in almost every home and office. It provides a different sort of power and workflow that laptops could never provide. However, one of their main drawbacks has always been the fact that desktops have always been kinda bulky and static. Their heft usually meant that you could not do many things with them in terms of portability or ease of viewing, or perhaps you never found the need to. However, today, we want to show you an almost magical tool that will change the whole desktop user experience. What is this almost magical user experience changing tool? The answer is so simple, yet we never thought of it. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the simple answer is a desktop monitor mount. Not just any simple mount, however, but a gas strut enabled mount that provides a whole range of motion you never experienced with a traditional monitor before. This mount works well for many functions, however, designers would probably have a kick out of the range of motion the mount offers, especially if they need to get up close and personal with their projects, or if they need to turn the screen to view things from a different angle. How do I use the desktop monitor mount? The mount comes in 2 different formats, a single armed version, or a double armed version. The single arm version is great for the artists and designers, who need to turn the screens often, or even for customer service officers on the front lines who need to show customers their screens often. The single arm allows for a whole host of motions that the traditional monitor setup could never hope to accomplish. The double-armed version, however, is a whole different ball game. With 2 different arms, comes with the ability to hold 2 different screens. This is great for the power users who need 2 screens or more for their desktops, and perhaps might need them is strange or unconventional positions. The double arm mount is extremely useful as well, also allowing for a variety of different monitor configurations to make the working space as efficient, neat, and conducive as possible. Where can I get the desktop monitor mounts? If you live in Singapore, there is a great and easy way to get these desktop monitor mounts! Tiger Mount is one of Singapore’s leading TV bracket supply and installation specialists, and they naturally also specialise in desktop monitor mounts as well! Rest assured that you will be getting the best prices and services money can buy with Tiger Mount being not just a supplier, but also the installation specialist as well. You can call +65 94246649 to get your quote now! Contact us today!