Desktop Monitor Mounts: Why You Need Them for Work-from-Home Comfort

  • September 25, 2021

Anyone who’s worked from home knows that it’s a very different experience from working in your office–from the way it’s lit, to the way you’re positioned, to the presence of home distractions such as family members. 

All these can combine to create a less productive or comfortable experience for you, but sometimes the problem is your computer itself. Most people use laptops, which are great for being carried around for meetings, but may not be ideal if you’re staying in one place for a long time. 

Here’s how having a desktop monitor, mounted on a desktop monitor mount, can help you improve your comfort level in your home office.

  1. Better Visibility

Firstly, looking at your computer display from a desktop monitor instead of your laptop’s own screen allows for better visibility. Monitors tend to offer bigger, brighter screens that allow better resolutions, allowing you to see your work easier. With less need to strain, there’s less fatigue, and better work done!

2. Right Height

Anyone who’s used their phone for too long know the pains of “smartphone neck”, when you’ve been looking down for too long. Unless you’ve propped your laptop up really high, chances are you’re going to get “laptop neck” by looking downwards at your screen too. Mounting your desktop monitor on a mount allows you to raise the display high enough that you can look straight or up at it, giving the back of your neck a rest from constantly looking down. 

3. Movement Range

Using a laptop means monitor’s always straight ahead, right in front of your keyboard. There’s no looking to right or left, or looking at a display on the right while you flip through documents on the left. Using a desktop monitor mount allows you to move and position your screen away from your laptop if you prefer, or even use it to supplement your laptop screen side by side! And with Tigermount’s gas strut desktop monitor mounts, the movement is smooth and completely silent.

4. Versatile Installation

Unlike a regular desktop monitor, whose stand takes up valuable desk space (especially if you’re at home and don’t have the huge desks that a typical office space will have), a typical desktop monitor stand clips onto the edge of a desk, minimising its footprint on the table and leaving the space for your other documents, mugs, and working accessories instead. Easily movable, your desktop monitor mount also means you can shift it anywhere on your table, or indeed to any table around the house, almost as easily as you shift your laptop!

Work in Comfort with a Desktop Monitor Mount

If working at home is here to stay, then you want to ensure you never lose your motivation by keeping your work conditions as comfortable as possible. An important part of that is a good viewing experience that’s not too hard on your neck and eyes. Connect a desktop monitor and mount it on one of Tigermount’s quality Desktop Monitor Mounts with a full range of motion, in order to unlock the best home office experience today! All you have to do is get in touch.