Different Types And Features Of TV Mount

  • July 30, 2018

Singapore is one of the most high-tech and updated country in the world. Along with the advancement of technology, gadgets, and their accessories also evolved over the years. In the olden days, TVs were bulky and only have a black and white resolution, until they became coloured. As time passed, flat screen TVs were invented with a built-in stand. Unfortunately, flat screen TV stands are inconvenient, and it defeats the whole purpose of getting a space-saving flat screen TV because it consumes almost the same amount of space as the bulky one. So, wall mounts were invented, where you can stick your flat screen on the walls and get rid of TV tables. Tiger Mount offers different types of wall mount, from fixed to full motion wall mount in Singapore. Below are the different types of wall mount and their advantages: Fixed Mount If you are planning to install a flat screen TV permanently, without moving it to any direction, and find the best spot for it, then this kind of mount is perfect for you. Fixed mount is the most common and you can purchase it at a very affordable price. Tilting Mounts Tilting mount can move in two directions, up and down.  This is used for LED or flat screen TVs that are installed in higher places. Full Motion Mounts Full motion TV wall mounts in Singapore is the new trend. This version has the most features because it can face in almost all directions. It can pull in out, swivel turn left and right, tilt up and down. Single Arm Single arm wall mount is a unique one because it can face a straight angle from left to right and tilt up and down. This version is usually used in laboratories and medical clinics, where medical professionals and patients have to share a TV screen. Double Arm Double arm mount is very reliable and sturdy. You can pull it towards you or push it back. It can also tilt up, down, and swivel turn left and right. Ceiling Mount This is a cool one and works well in small spaces. Its installation is easy and is available in different shapes and sizes, depending on the TV you are using. TV mobile stand TV mobile stand is like having an upgraded TV table, with the wheel, but it is more space saving than the regular TV table. This is so convenient because you can move it around without exerting much effort. When choosing a TV mount, quality is one of the most important things to look at. And good news, Tiger Mount has the best quality products, we also have the best full motion TV mount in Singapore.  Best of all, all of these products are available in various shape, sizes and materials. Call us to find out more today!