Enhance Your Gaming Experience: Desktop Monitor Mounts and More

  • February 5, 2020

Monitor Desktop Mount
With e-sports gaining traction in Singapore, many are starting to invest in online video games. Getting to play your favourite game is only one aspect of the whole gaming experience. Especially with team members, games can last up to hours on end! That’s why an ergonomic setup – such as having a desktop monitor mount – is important to ward off symptoms of poor postures. We wouldn’t want to end up with sore necks and strained eyes the next day. Level up your gaming experience with these tips!  

1.   Install a Monitor Mount

Apart from high-resolution screens that come in different shapes and sizes, investing in gaming monitor mounts that are level with your eyes is just as important! Not only does a desktop monitor mount extend your gameplay duration, but they also prevent your body from the negative effects of a poor sitting posture. To check if your monitor is at the ideal height for your eyes, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do you have to look up or down at your screen?
  • Are you constantly hunching to look at your monitor?
  • Do your eyes level with the monitor screen?
  • Is your neck sore at the end of your gaming session?
If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then it’s clear that you need to reposition your monitor with a monitor mount. Desktop monitor mounts are super advanced these days — allowing you to tilt the angle, pull out the monitor, and even rotate up to 360°! There are monitor mounts that are able to secure multiple monitors up, so it wouldn’t be an issue if you have more than one monitor. A desktop monitor mount would make even more sense if your setup at home is used by multiple gamers because each player can adjust the screen to their suitable height easily without any assistance. Further, you get to free up desk space for your gaming merch and other gaming equipment.
Monitor Desktop Mount
Check out our monitor mounts ranging from single to double desktop monitor mounts that can be oriented in different directions. Of course, if you use large monitor TVs to game, we also boast a wide range of TV wall mount brackets to suit your needs and preferences. Reach out to us for a free consultation service at Tiger Mount!  

1.   Roll Around With a Gaming Chair

To maximize the benefits of your newly mounted desktop monitors, it’s also time to get a gaming chair that complements the optimized height of your seated position. While gaming chairs can get quite pricey, they are an investment to ensure proper spinal alignment and posture in the long run. From padded cushions to in-built speakers to adjustable heights and reclines, there are just too many to choose from! No matter the chair, however, always give it a try in the physical store if possible — you don’t want to spend hundreds on something that isn’t suitable for your needs.  

2.   Choose a Suitable Mouse

Serious gamers often face carpal tunnel syndrome. After long hours, of intense gaming sessions, improper mouse placement can result in spasms, pain and numbness in the wrist and finger joints. Choose a mouse that fits your hand size so that you don’t over-exert when gripping or clicking it. Some come with cushions for your wrist as well for the most comfortable gaming session.  

3.   Upgrade Your Keyboard

If you don’t already have a gaming keyboard, you should reconsider your gaming career. Just kidding! This is an option that you can optimize your playing experience with a little moolah. Besides the aesthetic LED lights, gaming keyboards are also more functional — in terms of optimizing your joints and muscles for gameplay. Most of them also allow you to personalize your keys to the game that you are playing.  

Where to Get a Desktop Monitor Mount in Singapore

Gaming for hours on end takes a lot of work mentally and physically. Take the stress off your tendons and back by heeding our 4 tips listed above, and do let us know if you have more tips for creating the best gaming battle zone in your home! If you’re looking for desktop monitor mounts or you need help deciding which TV brackets to choose for your dream gaming setup, do give our professional consultants a ring at 9424 6649, or drop us an email at enquiry.tigermount@gmail.com! You may also view our full range of products here.