Everything to know about streaming services in Singapore

  • May 11, 2019

woman watching netflix on mounted television
netflix on a mounted television With many homes and the country at large switching away from cable since the arrival of online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, etc. to enjoy more contents without having to worry about setting apart money to pay for the subscriptions that come with using cable. Thanks to the arrival of the streaming services, the pain of having to endure the unnecessary extra costs cable TV charge for being a subscriber does not have to be accepted anymore, there is now freedom of choice for the people. This is an especially good offer for people in Singapore as they have hard press when it comes to Singapore cable subscription. Netflix Netflix is a household name when it comes to streaming services in the United States and some other countries. Netflix is not available in some regions though, so you have to check if your region is supported before trying to use the service. Netflix is actually available for Singaporeans and the amount of movies and tv shows makes it a bargain for them to subscribe to it. There are over one thousand (1000) shows on Netflix which are available for viewing even as a Singaporean; there are also original and foreign shows on the streaming service that can be watched using subtitles. The services of Netflix make it the best go-to option for Singaporeans wanting to switch from the cable. Owing to the sudden increase in the number of households that use TV wall mount bracket in Singapore I would like to recommend that there is no better way of enjoying Netflix amazing contents than by casting it on a TV hanging on the wall. CatchPlay CatchPlay is a streaming service offered by a Taiwanese company and available for viewing by Singaporeans. In fact, it is pretty one of the leading streaming services Singaporeans go for when switching from cable TV. One thing to note about CatchPlay is that it is a movie streaming application that provides the viewer with a wide selection of the best films and TV shows in Hollywood and the world in general. CatchPlay allows Singaporeans at least some watch some TV content for free without having a subscription they paid for. It’s premium package is very impressive and is ranked high among Singaporeans Mubi Mubi is also a streaming service that is available primarily as an Application. As Singaporeans, you can stream film and TV programs on your phone from the comfort of your house. In addition, you can access the streaming service on your TV and at the comfort of your home by using Chromecast or by purchasing an Apple TV. Mubi is a film website but it only offers access to the film database after a subscription to the service.   Amazon Prime Video Amazon Prime Video for Singapore allows you to stream long hours of TV content and movies albeit at a monthly subscription; a very small fee. Amazon Prime Video comes as an add-on perk for subscribing to Amazon Prime package. The library of content Amazon Prime offers is impressively large. Unlike the aforementioned streaming services, it takes a great deal of bypassing to be able to cast and watch Amazon prime video on a TV using Chromecast. The easier way is to use an Amazon firestick or watch it using FireTV. Toggle Toggle streaming service offers two different subscription plan; HBO Go and Toggle Prime. With Toggle, you have access to all the six HBO channels and a lot more film content are available on the Toggle prime subscription plan.   Conclusively, I would like to recommend to Singaporeans “Tiger Mount”, a company in Singapore that specializes in the sale and installation of TV wall mount bracket in Singapore.  In addition, Tiger mount is reputed for their express professional delivery and service in the installation of the TV mounts. The need to move from cable to streaming service is gradually becoming a must if you want to be free of the costs of subscribing for cable TV. Some of the streaming services mentioned above also provide access to TV contents and movies for free without any hidden charges. The days of having to endure hidden cost are over.