How To Find The Right Desktop Monitor Mount To Buy

  • February 18, 2018

desktop monitor mount Singapore
It can be quite difficult to choose a desktop monitor mount in Singapore due to the many factors that have to be considered when doing so. You have to choose the brands, types, models, designs, sizes, etc. When you end up with the wrong mount, it could cause a problem since it would be difficult to set it up. In this way, you will also be putting to risk your LCD monitor since it won’t be fully supported by the mount. You certainly don’t want to mount your most treasured computer monitor, plasma TV, or printer on a not so sturdy wall mount. There are some facts that you need to know before you buy a desktop monitor mount: Make sure it is VESA compatible. Before you make use of any third-party mount or stand, you have to ensure that your monitor is VESA compatible. By being VESA compatible it means having standard mounting holes found at the back of the monitor which allows for any compatible mount to be screwed on it. VESA 100 is considered the standard mount. For super large monitor sizes that are 35 inches wider they need larger mounts. There are smaller, thinner, and much more affordable monitors that are VESA compatible. It will work only on custom stands that are made straight from the manufacturers. Look for an ergonomic design These serve as simple replacements of the regular monitor mount or stand. They are attached to the monitor through the top part up to the desk’s surface. But when you replace the stand with any third party it can give you several more options. Some of these would be able to give you better height and height adjustment, tilting, and panning, and even rotating the screen into a landscape format. There are those that have spring-loaded rising mechanisms and also the integrated cable management. Number of monitors to mount It is possible for any office or even home to set up one to four monitors in one setting. That’s why there are mounts that are single, dual, or quad types. It is however recommended that there are multiple mounts set up for several monitors. For unusual setups like having two monitors slightly lifted from the rest, instructions should be relayed to the professional who is going to set it up. On the other hand, there are also several advantages to using a multi-mount TV stand. One thing about this type of TV mount is that it gives you the complete freedom to twist and also rotate on each display. It also gives you the right angle and position for every display which can help you avoid any sort of pain after prolonged use of the monitor.