Finding The Right TV Wall Mount

  • March 30, 2017

The wall is one of the most popular mounting areas for modern flat panel television sets of today. And why not? It helps you put the TV in the right viewing position. Furthermore, it frees your home up of space that would normally be occupied by a TV rack. Finally, it also gives you the peace of mind that your TV wouldn’t be tipping over, falling on the floor, and effectively having your TV useless and broken. But did you know that there are different wall mounts that you can choose from? These mounts have different functions, benefits, and disadvantages. Need help for your TV wall mount shopping? Here are the different TV wall mounts and why it is right for you.

Fixed TV Wall Mount

This is the most common of the lot. This mounts your TV on the wall and that’s it. This perfect, uncomplicated mount is perfect for houses that have a dedicated TV viewing area. Here, mounting the TV properly is of most importance. The center of the TV should be eye level, letting you have the perfect viewing position.

Tilting TV Wall Mount

This mount is ideal for those who cannot mount their TVs at eye-level due to space constraints. It’s tilting motion helps give you the ability to adjust the TV’s angle to get the best viewing angle from where you would usually watch your TV. The tilting bracket is an ideal choice for bedroom use as it can be mounted higher and one can get a better angle when viewing your TV lying down. This is also chosen by families who have kids and have little space. It keeps the TV out of your children’s reach, promoting the safety not just your child, but also of your TV set.

Full-motion TV Rack

This is the most versatile of the lot. It helps you pull your TV away from the wall, have it tilted or swinging from one side to the other. Such gives you a myriad of viewing angles for different positions in the room. This is perfect for a small house where TV must be viewed from different spots, or for common areas in offices or stores where a TV is needed. So, have you made your pick yet? If you still can’t decide what TV mount to get, visit our website and we’ll offer you a myriad of choices and good advice in mounting your TVs the right way to enjoy TV viewing to the hilt.