Gas Strut TV Mounts – What Are They?

  • October 30, 2018

gas strut tv mounts

Wall mounts, by way of design, are manufactured in a myriad of different ways, to suit the different needs required for the various situations and places they will be installed in. Of the many different types, you might have heard of the term, ‘gas strut mounts’. Now, if you have no idea what that means, congratulations, you have come to the right place!

So what is a Gas Strut Mount?

A gas strut wall mount is a flexible type of single armed mount specially designed for a smart or LED flat television, complete with an ecological interface design. With the single arm extensions, it allows for better flexibility, and with a gas strut cylinder, being its namesake as well as its core feature enables movement of a TV in any direction as well as height.

What can I use the Gas Strut Mount for?

With the flexibility and dynamic range that the gas strut mount provides, it becomes possible to do many things with your television you could not achieve previously.  Need to present in a meeting with an awkward room space? This mount is the way to go, making it easy to move the screen so that everyone can see the presentation on the screen.

Or perhaps you are lounging at home and you need to adjust the screen position to suit your different viewing positions, the gas strut mount is exactly the thing you are looking for. With the versatility the gas strut tv mount provides for you, the possibilities are endless, letting you be able to fully unleash your creativity to make your living or working space, YOUR living or working space.

Where can I get a Gas Strut Mount?

Being one of Singapore’s leading TV bracket supply and installation specialists, Tiger Mount is a great place to approach to get a gas strut tv mount. Tiger Mount provides a range of different sizes of gas strut tv mounts for your choosing, from the small size for smaller and lighter screens, to the medium, large and extra large sizes, scaling up as the tv size goes up, to allow for a greater range of different televisions to be able to be mounted.

The whole process of getting the gas strut tv mount is extremely easy as well. As Tiger Mount is a TV bracket supplier, as well as installation specialists, it basically means that what you are getting are the best prices, as well as the best service. Simply just get a quotation by looking for Bryan Tang at +65 9424 6649, and let the professional and efficient services of the friendly folk at Tiger Mount handle the rest! You won’t regret it! Contact us today!